Intuitive Tarot Readings

Photo by Rosemary DespresIntuitive tarot is a guide to energetically examine your current experience.

Think of it as an opportunity to see alternative perspectives when it feels as if there are none. The readings are prescriptive, as opposed to predictive.

I love connecting with the tarot; releasing my ego/mind to follow the cards’ stories. The cards contain beautiful energy and trigger unique messages for everyone. The images, colours and numbers tell a new story every time I see them.

By pinpointing strengths, challenges and gifts, the cards offer suggestions on how to embrace the power in all of life’s situations, create new stories and move towards your dreams and goals.

These readings encourage you to make shifts from a place of empowerment and clarity, where creative solutions become the obvious (or only) choices. It’s easier to see the gifts in the experiences presented to you when you allow yourself to acknowledge them.

Perspective also helps, and that’s where I come in. I provide a loving, honest and objective space to examine the situation from a number of sides, with the cards as a tool to dig deep into underlying belief systems. I hold space for the most expansive version of you, while allowing the cards to tell their story.


emmaJenny’s reading was incredibly pertinent to my current situation and what was on my mind. It was also remarkably uplifting and confirmed for me that I am on the right track. She also offered wonderfully wise, insightful advice and helped me to view a particular situation I was going through from an empowered perspective.
~ Emma Gibson, Liberate Your Soul

‘The power residing in the ancient art of Tarot is so dependent upon the Rebaheadshot2reader’s interpretation; Jenny Griffin’s choice of words, her understanding of the many levels of the cards and their relationships to each other and to the client – all combined with her profound intuitive gifts – brings the reading to the highest level. Her reading resonates not only with the question being asked, but also with every level of the client’s life.’
~ Reba Linker, Reba

The Details:

I use a five- or six-card tarot spread accompanied by oracle cards to look into the energy of your situation and offer guidance as to how to use the energy. Allow 30-40 minutes for this reading. £44 GBP

All readings take place using Zoom, and will be recorded.