Karma is SO old paradigm

Photo by hilarycl from morguefile.com
Photo by hilarycl from morguefile.com

Whooo! Something BIG shifted this past weekend and it feels like we’re being presented with a clean slate. New beginnings like we’ve never imagined are afoot.

This means our past no longer defines our present or future – a total conscious awareness of our every moment and the choices we make.

This is available to ALL at any time.

Let go of old stories and any past pains/challenges/worries/experiences as a way of BEing. Start fresh. Make different choices. BE YOU, completely and whole-heartedly, whole-SOULedly. Allow this same freedom for others. And don’t forget to stay open to the gifts that are always being given.

Thunderbirds are GO!

(Later in the day…)

Okay, further revelations around this… This is tied to deep collective structures and patterns such as karma, indebtedness, etc. There is no use for these in the New – in fact they’re not even recognised.

Karma is an attempt to place responsibility outside of ourselves and shift the authority to a higher power, when in fact it always has, and does, exist WITHIN. If we shift the blame to a cosmic force, we victimise ourselves and others through acceptance of ourselves as powerless.

Indebtedness ties us to a decision or commitment we made in a past moment that no longer exists, and we carry the heaviness of that (apparent) obligation forward into the NOW.

When I said earlier it’s a clean slate, I mean CLEAN. Seriously, this is GOOD shit! Start as if today were the first day of all your wildest dreams coming true, as if the ‘rules’ of the old no longer held any sway.

Whatever karma you imagine you’ve accrued does not exist – it’s all a part of the illusion of the old, and it is dissolving. Take responsibility now for each moment as it arrives.

Here’s an excerpt from Book 1 (Domestication of the Spirit) that talks about responsibility, integrity, creativity and power:

‘While these four things may not appear to have any connection, they are innately linked. True power lies within – it is not in the external trappings of wealth, status or dominance. It is an integral understanding of the capacity to create and take responsibility for our experience in every moment.

So the power of integrity lies in being responsibly creative and creatively responsible. I’m meaning responsibility here as being able to respond, which makes far more sense when combined with the power of creativity. If we are denying ourselves this capacity, which is inherent in all of us, we become victims of what life presents, instead of engaged participants and co-creators.

The type of creativity I’m talking about isn’t linked to any one form of expression, but the ability to use your mind as a tool in conjunction with your higher knowledge. It’s the difference between conscious creation and impulsive responses based on patterns and beliefs in your cellular memory. It’s the difference between making decisions based on mind or ego desires that feel good temporarily, and integral choices that benefit you and the collective.

It’s the unconscious choices that often lead to feeling victimised, because in relinquishing the responsibility to be integral, we have allowed ourselves to bypass the creative process.

… Likewise, huge potential lies in allowing ourselves to receive rather than acquire; including new ideas, ways of being, and limitless abundance. The idea of stepping into our power is really more of an acknowledgement that it’s already right there within us, waiting to be asked out to play. It’s a relaxing into the idea that the creative power is within us if we simply allow it to flow.

Our expansiveness as beings is not limited to the physical presence our senses suggest we occupy. In other words, power is not only contained within the shells that are our bodies, but also within the vast potential of collective consciousness. It is not external to ourselves, in that it is nothing we can chase or acquire, yet it is external in that it exists simply for us all to harness within ourselves, as Divine reflections of Source energy.’ ~ Domestication of the Spirit, by Jenny Griffin

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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