Leadership as a Fluid Construct

I’ve been spending lots of time with trees lately, and have discovered a beautiful tree circle in the nearby forest that has offered me many insights.

Today, as I was leaving the beauty of the inner circle, the trees encouraged me to join the circle, not inside (as a kind of student), but outside, as part of the ring. I immediately felt tons of energy shooting up my legs and a peaceful sense of community.

The main message today was about that feeling of community, and the idea of leadership that we have in this dimension. Leadership is not meant to be a permanent ‘state of being,’ but a fluid, inclusive, collaborative experience that allows for each being involved to express their strengths as an equal. So, leadership naturally moves from one being to another, depending on the situation.

For instance, on some days, the one with the most knowledge about mediation might be needed, and on another, the one with the most knowledge about foreign affairs. It requires surrender to the greater good of the whole, which includes the community and the world beyond. As leaders step up within the group, the others stay aligned with the larger vision and encourage the leader to embody their most magnificent self.

Collaboration is key. Community is vital.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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