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TAROT 4The art of the tarot tells a story of a journey from Fool to Universe, passing through trials and lessons along the way, leading to graduation to another level of consciousness.

The traditional deck consists of 78 cards filled with imagery depicting a variety of experiences leading to a balanced existence. There are cards of sorrow and of joy, of endings and beginnings, of light and dark. The story is not new; across time and space there are parables, tales and fables that offer advice and guidance on living a vital life.

I see the tarot as a tool to assess the potential opportunities or actions for any given situation. A reading asks the seeker to let go of preconceived ideas about what the cards mean and the reader to let go of their own perceptions of what the seeker is looking for.

These classes are web-based, consisting of four 90-minute sessions designed to explore and examine the story in more detail. Whether you’re brand new to tarot and using your intuition or a practiced explorer, the course is an interactive, collaborative environment which provides a deeper connection with the cards.


  • Week One: we explore your intuition, examining the ways you receive and use messages. Together we’ll do some exercises to develop and increase your trust in the messages you receive.
  • Week Two: we walk through the Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the deck. Participants are encouraged to share their experience with the cards and their interpretations/insights. Each deck speaks its own story, so the variety of images and symbols deepens the understanding of the story.
  • Week Three: a continuation of Week Two, this time exploring the Minor Arcana. We examine the cards both in suits and in number groupings. Again, participants are encouraged to share their experience and insights.
  • Week Four: we explore different layouts and how the meaning of the positions affect the cards’ messages. If time permits, we open the floor to anyone wishing to practice.

Each session will be conducted over Zoom, a video conferencing system, and will be recorded. A private link to the recording will then be shared with the group.


‘I love love loved it… both in terms of getting to know the tarot in broader detail (beyond my decks and historically) and in terms of getting to know my own decks more intimately as well. The energy of the calls was so positive, and I found it much easier to connect clearly with my intuition while in this context, which gave me confidence.’ ~ Catriona Murray (Edinburgh, UK)

‘I was always interested in tarot, but I never knew quite how to approach reading the cards myself. I had watched a few online videos and read books about different techniques and interpretation, but I still felt uncertain.

When I saw that Jenny Griffin offered tarot teaching, I knew it would be a good choice to help my understanding of this remarkable tool. After the sessions, I felt much more comfortable with my deck, and now interact with my cards with ease. Tarot reading is not a one-way-fits-all.  Jenny will help you determine your own personal style for you to use personally or professionally.’ ~ Jennifer Lipski, Activating Oracle

When and Where

The next class will take place Thursday evenings from 11 April to 2 May, 2019. Classes will begin at 7:30 pm GMT (UK time). (If you cannot attend in person, you’ll be sent the recordings and all class mailings. Alternatively, we may be able to arrange a class time that better suits you.)

The cost is £98 GBP. You will need a deck of cards to work with. Please book below for your place in the class!

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