Life Lessons from a French Village

The shape this year is taking so far is pretty spectacular. I’ve had some incredible opportunities to visit (and revisit) new and old places, both physically and energetically.

As I’ve stepped into each new opportunity with trust and enthusiasm, the path has risen up to meet me. ‘Walk in faith,’ is the mantra that’s been running through my head, delivering gift after gift as I follow wherever it leads.

I’m currently in this incredible village in The Lot region of France. It’s nestled on a hillside above the River Lot, and in the mornings the clouds drift through as if it were literally a highway to heaven.

Just the other day I discovered a Salon de thé where I sat enjoying a cup of tea and the most incredible lemon and raspberry pastry. As I looked out at the breathtaking view over the green hills, I felt bubbles of joy permeating my whole being, as if giggling butterflies were dancing in my heart. It was clear in that moment that THIS is what Source wants for us – joy beyond our wildest dreams, abundance, expansion and freedom.

I ended up in the village because I’ve been staying in a house owned by the woman whose place I was just housesitting. She has a couple of rental homes in the village and they needed work – gardening, cleaning, etc. I’m not on a tight schedule, and when she mentioned the work that needed doing, it felt just right. So, for a week or so before my walk starts, I’ve been here, working in the house and garden, exploring the surrounding countryside, and living life in the clouds.

The timing is SO perfect, with the moon coming full and the weeding of the garden coinciding with some final releasing before I head out on the walk. As I pulled the weeds, I could feel remaining tendrils of some old patterns slipping away. I was feeling the relief of the plants freed from the choking weeds reflecting a similar relief in my soul. Anything that was choking my expansion was gently removed, to be turned into compost by the beautiful Earth.

It’s symbolic and freeing, especially since I’ve also been dropping weight from my backpack to ensure I’m not carrying more than I need. I only want to take with me whatever is absolutely necessary. I have an inkling I may traipse into Rome in 3 months naked and barefoot.

The Priestess (2) from The Llewellyn Tarot, by Anna-Marie Ferguson

When I imagine myself on the walk and afterwards, I get an image something like The Priestess as she’s depicted in my tarot deck. Wild, half-naked, not knowing where I end and nature begins. It feels so right, like a return to the essence of life itself.

Another of the gifts this village has offered is that it lies at the junction of three walking paths, and I’ve been hearing ‘start where you are.’ So, I’m changing my route slightly again, to begin right here. The new route will take me up the mountain right past some local caves, at Peche-Merle, filled with geological wonders and cave paintings and carvings over 20,000 years old. How lucky am I?

I’ve once again been reminded that the rigidity of control or expectation can deny us opportunities like this to shift and experience what IS in the moment. That we don’t have to mete out joy in small doses as if it is a rare commodity.

We can claim all the joy we desire, in all its wildness, its deliriousness and its sensuality, and there will be plenty to go around. In fact, we’re creating more through the act of enjoying all that life has to offer us.

I’ve also been reminded that readiness is not a destination but a constantly shifting state of being. In this moment I am more ready than I was a moment ago. If we wait around until we are 100% ready for anything, that moment will never come. In heeding a call, we are being told we’re as ready as we need to be right now. The readiness we need tomorrow will come as we need it. Now is the ONLY moment that exists.

I used to try to plan things, primarily because it made people around me more comfortable to have a sense of how and when things would be happening. I’m naturally organised, so planning is ‘easy’ for me on some level, but the truth is, it feels discordant. I find it stressful and limiting. It feels like trying to control the outcome of a future that only exists in possibility; rigid, ego-driven, and definitely not in line with the Wild Feminine. She soars without a net, this one.

As I’ve been sitting with this trip, if I try to plan, I can feel the constriction and fear start to creep in. I feel all the ‘what-ifs’ sneak in and start to undermine the sense of trust I’ve been feeling in the perfection of the journey. Until I’m out there on the road, I have no idea what each step will bring, and the most responsible thing I can do is NOT plan, so that I stay attuned to my ability to respond to whatever arises. And open up to experience grace in each and every moment.

And so, the journey continues.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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