Light and Dark (a Solstice message)

The beautiful Solstice energy lasts for a few days and feels like a portal for ever-increasing light energy. Yesterday, when I asked if there was a message for me to share, I heard, ‘just bask in it.’

Last night, despite feeling physically tired, I was unable to sleep. I realised it was connected to the Solstice, and took the opportunity to welcome in the light. I lay in bed, saying aloud, ‘I welcome the light, I welcome the light,’ and my body started to buzz with the intensity of it. It was almost frightening, akin to the first stirrings of a massive change.

This morning I got to thinking about the idea of light and darkness as a long-held collective storyline. Christianity, for one, has built its foundation around the concept of original sin and God (good) vs evil. This is changing. We are changing.

By welcoming the light, we also welcome the darkness. How many things in existence, when placed in front of a light source, do not cast a shadow? We carry our shadows around with us until the light hits us just so, and then they come out to play. This is how we know the light is increasing – the shadows in all of us are getting ‘bigger.’ They’re coming out to play in all the light.

This is not something to fear, but something to celebrate. The dance of the shadows which heralds the coming of immense light. I think about how much fun it is to make shadow puppets on the walls of a tent with a flashlight. The tent might move slightly with the breeze, so the shadows grow and shrink as the walls move.

If we resist or fear the darkness, we miss the magic that’s available. Welcome it all and celebrate the ways your Soul enjoys the dance of the shadows as a result of the light. Just like black includes a whole spectrum of colours, so does light (think of a prism). There is room for both in all of us.

Wishing you magic and joy in the new season.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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