Living in The Field of Dreams

The film ‘Field of Dreams,’ based on the novel ‘Shoeless Joe,’ by WP Kinsella,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA offers some seriously yummy food for thought.

At first glance, it may feel too fantastical to be real; the idea that we could build a baseball field in the middle of Iowa and know that people will come to see (long-)dead guys play ball may seem like too much of a stretch to contemplate.

On closer inspection, though, it’s full of hope, trust and enchantment that offers a beautiful alternative to the fear-based reality in which so many of us live. And it is completely within the realm of possibility if we choose to make it a part of our reality/belief systems.

There’s all kinds of ‘practical’ wisdom that would tell you otherwise. Advice like, ‘you can’t change what you can’t see,’ or ‘you have to follow the rules.’ Advice like, ‘you have to choose love or money, joy or success.’

Well, bullshit.

Life is a Field of Dreams, and ANYTHING we can dream, we can create. We have the capacity to bring into being anything that we have the capacity to imagine, and for each one of us that’s different.

We can follow someone else’s rules of engagement and appear successful on the outside, yet still be missing something within. We can practice all the ‘right’ moves and still feel like our souls are misaligned from our truth. We can take all the steps towards being a valuable contributor to society, yet still feel like there has got to be more than this…

What’s missing? What’s not aligned? We’ve lost sight of our own Field of Dreams.

Think back to when you were a child, or think of a child you know. Their capacity for imagination is limitless. They can create worlds of delight that are very, very real to them. They can live there for hours, or days, not needing to come back to the other ‘reality’ unless they’re told it’s time to eat, or sleep.

We all have this capacity, we just sometimes lose sight of it along the way. We begin to take on the understanding that our potential is limited by our education/experience/inherent skills/bank account/post code/etc.

We can even live there, in that field of potential if we want to, because all we’ve really forgotten is that we have a choice to define our lives in whichever way is most appropriate for us, as individuals. We are not obliged to adhere to societial beliefs or to buy into external definitions of who and how to be.

It’s not necessarily *easy* – think of Ray Kinsella’s journey in the film as he begins to hear voices and tells his family he’s going to build a baseball diamond in the middle of prime Iowa farmland. His determination to follow the signs leads his family down a path to near-bankruptcy and many of his friends and relatives think him entirely crazy.

Anyone who’s followed a similar path can tell you that’s what it’s like. When you walk away from a ‘good job’ to pursue a dream of a better life, connecting with your intuition and serving the world in alignment with your purpose, there are many ways your craziness and recklessness are reflected to you.

Anyone who’s stayed true to limitationstheir path can attest that there are always signs to keep you aligned, like players quietly walking one by one onto the baseball diamond; billboards and people along the way giving you more insight into the direction you could take.

And there are sacrifices, which may also appear crazy to those on the outside, things that are left behind, released or transformed. These things no longer feel resonant when all you can see is your Field of Dreams.

And to everyone who’s found theirs, they’re as real as the noses on our faces. Just because others don’t have the same vision for our lives or aren’t able to see our ball players arriving, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Our guides offer us ways to connect in every moment, ways to find our own field of dreams and where it lies. We are being asked consistently to move towards a place of trust, in which we create things that make us happy and just wait, to see where they lead.

They may take us on a merry ride from one adventure to the next, and we may be given glimpses of what’s to come.

They may take us so far from what we imagined would be the outcome that we feel lost and desperately alone.

They may lead us to abandon hope and consider returning to the ‘what came before’ portion of our lives.

No matter where they lead us, they teach us about ourselves, and our capacity for change and growth in every experience. They teach us to trust the voices of our hearts that guide us to the next step, or the next person we’re to meet.

One of the best things about a Field of Dreams is that it’s completely unique to the person who created it. For some, their field might contain what they’ve been taught is what they ‘should’ want, and as they go about building it, they feel more and more aligned with their happiness. For others, it might contain a life of nomadism and asceticism.

If no one else can see it, what does it matter what it contains? The whole point is that it’s our field, and we can do with it whatever we will. Think of it as a playground for our dreams, a place for them to have a life of their own while we’re busy making other plans.

It’s never too late. Dive in. Build your Field of Dreams. And then wait, in trust.

Let go of all external routes to your field, and trust that you’ll be shown the way. Let yourself accept that the dreams you put there are safe, and that they WILL come true. Allow for Source to step in and guide you to the best possible design for you, and don’t be distracted looking at others’ fields.

If you build it, they (your dreams) will come (true).

Big Love,
~ Jenny

6 Replies to “Living in The Field of Dreams”

  1. this is one of my long time favourite films, its something I’ve said many times over the years…if you build it they will come… may we all have the courage to enter our own field of dreams

    • Thank you, Sam!

      It does take courage, and some patience 🙂 But it’s so worth it! And once you get there, you never want to leave. All the stuff you thought you knew before feels like some crazy distant dream. Lovely!

      Big Love,

  2. I love this! My field of dreams has always been there – sometimes far in the distance, sometimes so close I can walk through the infield. Thank you for the reminder to never lose sight of it when it seems so far away!

    • Thank you, Catherine!

      I know what you mean! I think our fields are always there, it’s just that if we don’t believe it, they seem really far away. As you start to consciously acknowledge and accept what’s possible, it gets closer and closer all the time. For years I didn’t want to believe it, because it seemed so impossible, now I just live there 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment!

      Big Love,

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