I Looked in the Mirror and What did I see?

My friend Joy and I decided to do a blog exchange in July, and her only caveat was ‘something fun.’ So we decided on the idea of a date, time and instruction that we’d give each other, and write about what we learned from that moment.

(I wrote this on 25 July, and as life would have it, we both became busy and the exchange didn’t happen. This post feels relevant right now, so I thought I’d share it.)
Joy gave me the instructions: ‘July 11 at 11:11 am, look into the mirror.’ My initial response was resistance and a feeling of trepidation, but I set my alarm and when the date and time came, I looked in the mirror.

I’d been cycling through some challenging energies right around that time, and was feeling pretty disconnected.

Sitting there in front of the mirror, all I could see was an empty shell, a hollow husk. When did I lose so much weight? Why couldn’t I see excitement and joy in my eyes like I usually did?

I heard the words in my head ‘I can see (what’s) before me, but not (what’s) ahead; I can see (what’s) behind me but not (what came) before.’ I sat with this for a bit, and then studiously avoided writing this post for weeks while I continued on my inner journey through some shadowy facets and old wounds.

I can see now why it happened as it did, and what it all means. Hindsight is, of course 20/20, and more than that, distance offers perspectives that can’t be accessed from a space of suffering.

I am a hollow husk, an empty shell, and that’s not a ‘bad’ thing.

It’s actually a useful tool for navigating the world, and a helpful tool for receiving guidance from Source and other dimensions. In fact the less of the 3D density we retain in terms of old patterns, structures and beliefs, the more easily we accept the new paradigm as the only way of BEing.

Any time we feel ourselves responding based on old fear-based ideas and beliefs, we are holding on to old structures.

Any time we make a judgement about our or someone else’s experience or behaviour, we’re holding onto outdated ways of being.

Any time we don’t allow ourselves to trust that Joy and Love are available in EVERY moment, we are staying tied to the 3rd dimensional ‘reality.’

Our multidimensional selves are calling to us to be the expansive beings we truly are, and the perceptions of old systems as the only way are merely opportunities to use our new understandings, our new tools, to solve problems that in 3rd dimensional reality might feel very frightening or uncomfortable.

In higher dimensional experience, ALL is an exciting adventure. This physical life is a creative playground for multi-dimensional beings; feeling our way through it is a delightful experiment of cosmic proportions. And we are all multi-dimensional beings.

The mirror showed me the potential that lies in the act of being present to each and every moment. Am I suffering? Then LOVE it. Am I in a state of pure joy and bliss? Love it. Am I feeling confused and alone? Love it. That’s the answer to everything.

What we see in the mirror is possibility – there are infinite futures available which we can’t even fathom. 

If we are open and empty, we can be filled up with whatever arises, and be joyful about it. Even if it involves huge suffering – we can choose to get excited about it, and be joyful in the exploration of its depths.

The mirror also reflects to us that our past is merely a static snapshot of something that now forms a new foundation. Whatever has gone before no longer exists in the form it took.

The moment you chose to exit that scenario, it shifted to another form. Do not allow it power in this moment to define or guide your experience. Make decisions now based on what is before you in the mirror.

The shift from 3D is one of consciousness – of acceptance of ourselves as perfect and divine players in a cosmic drama. Exactly as we are.

We’re not waiting around for externals to change so that we can step gracefully into the new reality, we’re creating it through our thoughts, actions and responses.

We’re not hapless victims of a changing world, we’re magnificent creators of a new way of BEing that’s rooted in unconditional Love and Joy.

The old paradigm taught us to follow, to wait our turn, and to give authority to those in ‘power.’ The difference with the new is that we are being asked to embrace an empowered creativity, one that taps our individual and collective connections to Source energy.

DSC_8540It asks us to embrace the act of living so that our decisions come from a place of intimate knowledge of ourselves and Source. When aligned with that energy, our actions also happen to become attuned to the highest good of all.

It becomes joyful to take actions that serve others, and to respond to each situation with Love and excitement.

It feels resonant on every level of our being to constantly and consistently align with the desire to feel Joy.

This is not a Joy derived from fear or the ego’s need to possess or to remain numb to our darkness, but the deeply-rooted, soul-driven Joy of aliveness felt in every fibre of our beings.

It’s a delightful, childlike enchantment at the magic that is Life, every single aspect of it.

The passion of grief and the passion of love or of anger are all steps in the same dance. That is multi-dimensional living. Your adventurous engagement with life blasts messages out to the farthest reaches of the Universe, triggering more and more resonance to enter your life.

Release ties to whatever structures may be holding you back from experiencing that fullness of being in this and every moment. Those structures include the idea that the structures are holding us in one place!

They include the idea that we’re waiting for the shift to occur outside of ourselves, and for a magical new world to appear before us. It’s a divine Matrix, a confusing mess of crossed wires and hidden programs.

You can choose to live the truth of your multidimensionality at any moment, no matter what dimension you perceive yourself to be in. The key is in staying focussed on the unwavering knowing that it is the truth for you. If you harbour any underlying, lingering fears or doubts that it really is possible, you sabotage your efforts.

Start ‘small,’ with the aspects of your life that you have no doubt about. Approach these with joy and abandon, exploring the fullness of each experience.

Then move your attention towards things you may feel some resistance over, and observe if fear or doubt creep in. Where does the fear come from? What purpose does it serve? It is only in the 3D that it serves a purpose. Knowing this, can you shift to a more joyful understanding of the experience/situation?

Envision portals closing on past experiences, literally shutting them off from your current time-space reality. The lessons and insights gained will always be with you, but the experiences themselves, as they were, only serve to tie you to the old energies.

Use this wisdom to create new choices if similar situations arise, knowing they’re aligned with your multidimensional self.

Finally, choose joy and excitement as your goals. Everything we’re given is rooted in Love, and it is only in 3rd dimensional understandings that we find things ‘unloving.’

The purpose of every experience is to realign us with the truth of Love within and around us, and to remind us that we’re never disconnected from that golden thread, our direct link to Source. No matter how something appears on the outside, as far from Love as it might seem to be, the root is always, always Love. Find that root, and expand it through your heart, all the while opening to more and more.

BE the essence of you, no holds barred.

I’d love to hear what you see in the mirror!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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