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This week I’ve written a post which is featured in my friend Joy Holland’s exploration of home. Her website, Facets of Joy, is a constant source of inspiration and adventure, as she takes readers on journeys to presence in myriad ways.

GoddessWriting about home for me was a strange experience, because I currently don’t have a home as others might define it (a bricks and mortar space). It was an excellent opportunity to discover what exactly the word meant to me, and how it felt.

Here’s an excerpt, and a link to the full article on Joy’s wonderful site:
So here I was, existing, yet not living a grounded existence in a home, either a bodily one or a bricks and mortar one. A soul without a safe place to anchor.

It was only in my mid-30s that I delved into the depths of my emotional pain and found the connection to my roots, my body and my soul. I felt connected to everything and nothing, all at once.

Home took on a whole new meaning. It wasn’t a geographical place I returned to for solace and comfort, it was a constantly shifting feeling of belonging in the world. In fact, the idea of defining one place as my understanding of home doesn’t resonate with me. It makes me feel stagnant and antsy.’ ~  Read More                                                                                      
I’d love to hear your thoughts on home, and what it means to you. Is it a place? A feeling? People? All of the above? What makes it so special? How long have you called it home?

I look forward to your thoughts.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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