May Energy Update

I wanted to offer an energetic update today because I haven’t in a while. April’s Retrogrades asked me to deeply withdraw and I did.

I know I’ve mentioned (repeatedly?) the fact that this is a one year in a new nine-year cycle, and that we are just disentangling or leaving behind the last tendrils of the last nine years. You may find yourself coming up against situations that are trying, that seem to be an extreme example of some of the stuff you thought you’d left behind.

The sense I get is this: it’s like a final exam before we graduate. These challenges are offering us the opportunity to bring to bear all we’ve learned in the last nine-year cycle and put it into practice. Walk your talk. Yes, it’s true that all challenges offer us opportunities to grow and learn. This feels slightly different in that the challenges are likely connected to whatever theme or themes we’ve been working hard to clear, and it’s almost as if they epitomise that energy in some way.

Flow with it, and stay conscious. Look back on your experience and recognise (celebrate!) how far you’ve come. Think about the purpose of final exams – they are designed to test what you’ve learned so you can pass to the next level. That’s what this is all about. We then enter the new cycle as novices in the next part of the adventure. Oh boy! We get to do it all again! Ha ha! 😀

Also remember that the exams may come in a few parts. You may feel like you’ve finished only to realise you forgot to flip the page or there’s a practical exercise on another day. Every component you complete creates a part of the new foundation. You are establishing a solid footing on which to expand further in the next stage.

Is it strange that I’ve always loved exams? I remember I would feel calm and certain that it would be a fair assessment of my progress and the work I’d put in. I’m sticking with that. 🙂

Wishing you ease through the process.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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