Monthly New Moon Readings 2020

Hello! Happy New Year and New Decade.

It’s been a fascinating and expansive year, releasing the old energy of the last decade and into this year of BALANCE. There was some intense clearing taking place through the latter months of 2019, and as we entered the new year, filled with hope for new possibilities, I kept hearing, ‘Slow down. Plan for the long term. Think about what you want to create, recreate or plant.’

As I continued to sit with the energies, it didn’t feel right to make an annual reading as I have done for several years. It felt like it is a time to break things down, to take chunks (of time/energy/etc) and look at them under a microscope. To take a fine-toothed comb to our projects, dreams and desires, to create expansive visions for ourselves, our work and our lives.

And now the world has taken a pause, as we all slow down and have time to go within, be with ourselves and examine the lives we have created. This can be a powerful time to reset and re-align if you feel you’ve gotten off course or somehow lost the thread of where you’d hoped to be heading. Let it be a time to remember the truth of you, at the core, and to get to know your light again.

As a way to honour the more focussed energy this year is presenting, I have partnered with my friend Valerie Moniz, who is in New Mexico, to do a monthly New Moon reading. We began at the first New Moon of the year, on 24 January. You can find the playlist below, which will be updated each month as we continue through the year.

Wishing you magic, peace and well-being as we navigate this time together.
Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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