More on Power (and Pleasure)

There’s some more clarity on power coming through, and it has a few separate threads.

Maybe I’ll start first with that: what do I mean by threads? The way my channel works is that I’m ‘shown’; in one way or another, various aspects of larger pieces that sometimes only make sense when they come together (threads woven, like a tapestry). Sometimes the threads work well as stand-alone snippets.

Sometimes the threads feel scattered and a bit distant, as if I sort of catch one as it passes by my consciousness. Other times, like yesterday, they feel close by, almost like a cloak.

Often, they’re what’s active in the collective, and an experience or piece in my life opens up a connection to a specific thread which my personal understanding helps me to translate. Sometimes, the threads go waaaaaay back in human consciousness and point to the installation of a pattern or structure. It can be confusing, standing in the supermarket, when one of these pops in. I’m following a thread back in time (as we understand it here, in the 3D) to an understanding of it, and simultaneously holding a bag of spinach, here, now. And then my day just goes on. La-di-dah.

So, that’s what happened yesterday. After the understanding of power from Monday, a few more threads have come clear. There is some connection here to the feminine/masculine, as well.

Firstly, there is the vital connection between power and our bodies. If we are in any way afraid of our bodies, or the power of our bodies, we are not fully in our power. Our physical bodies are immensely powerful. They hold a deeply-embodied wisdom beyond anything we can learn from without.

Here’s where a part of the feminine/masculine rift comes in. Part of the power of the feminine lies in the connection to cycles – the waxing and waning of the moon and tides, birth/death/rebirth, surrender – these are inherent to and embedded in the feminine psyche and collective heart. This is an embodied form of wisdom that deeply connects us and our bodies to the Earth and the universe. ALL of us – this is not about gender. It is an essence that runs through all of life.

When we, as a collective, disavow this embodied wisdom that exists deep within our cells, we separate ourselves from the power of/in our bodies. When we insist on primarily honouring our capacity for rational thought and intellectual knowing, we do ourselves a disservice. This is not about strength in terms of muscle capacity but about the power of knowing and feeling that allows us to be safe in our openness.

There was also a piece that came in here about enlightenment, and the idea that it is an embodied process. The guru structure and new age movement can distract us from embodied wisdom because we give authority to another to show us the way to enlightenment. This is something highly individual and personal, and it cannot be found in a book, or in another’s experience. Certainly, people and experiences along the way can provide keys that help unlock certain aspects of what it means to each of us, but ultimately, it is embodied.

Secondly, there was a focus on pleasure as an aspect of our power that is often overlooked. The power of our sensual and sexual energy for our pleasure cannot be denied. This is something else that has become distorted through the denial of emotions and the misuse of power. Sex has become commodified and the pursuit of it has become synonymous with a different kind of power (virility, prowess, domination). Sex in exchange for security/safety is an aspect of this distortion. As is the sexualisation of emotions (denial of emotional expression through redirection into sex).

The power of your body is in your capacity to feel connected in every way to the universal energy that is available to us all, at all times. There is no lack or competition here. So as we tap into our bodies and acknowledge their power, the spiritual energy we’ve been attempting to emulate or capture in other ways becomes available.

Pleasure is a key to unlocking more embodied power. Feel the joy of being in your body, in every possible way. The ecstasy of grief, the bliss of emotional connection, the joy of sexual chemistry. When you allow yourself pleasure freely, you are then in a powerful position to choose who you invite to share your body, your energy and your space. You are in full stewardship of your power and not willing to give ownership to another in exchange for ___[whatever]___. Which ties in to Monday’s message where stewardships was the key word.

Wishing you magic, love and immense pleasure!

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3