New World Coming

worldToday I wanted to share something I was inspired to write a month ago, after the Super Moon and Solstice in June.

I shared it with a group I’m a member of, but I never did post it to here. It’s been really present in my consciousness since then, and I felt like it was perfect timing to give it new life on the eve of another Full Moon.

So for today, I’m offering this song and the post that accompanies it, with minor changes and additions, to express my heartfelt gratitude to earlier generations of change-makers who held out hope for a New World.

Here’s the song (and I claim no ownership rights to this or any recording):

When I heard this song ‘by chance’ one morning last month, a whole lot of energy just clicked into place, and once again I was humbled by the Divine plan and its capacity for showing us the beauty of existence.

I see (Mama) Cass Elliot singing her heart out about this new world that’s coming, ‘…the one we’ve had visions of, coming in Peace, coming in Joy, coming in Love…’ in 1970. This energy of transformation we feel now IS the same energy that has been around since the early 60s, and the changes that our brothers and sisters made in earlier decades is taking root, to herald these times of peace, joy and love.

There’s a humility in the knowledge that earlier change agents came in, knowing there was something better ahead, holding onto the knowledge that love was the way forward, sharing their lights with the world, never giving up hope that their vision was possible, not knowing that it would take decades to see any results from their beautiful intentions.

Some, like Mama Cass, are not physically here to see the changes that are happening, yet the legacy of her voice and her passion holds as true, (or truer?) today as it did when she so beautifully expressed them.

Some people gave up along the way, watching as the world plunged into a sort of darkness through the eighties, nineties and beyond, driven by the lust for power, finance and dominance.

But the songs, stories and legacy remained, for those who believed to hold to in times of overwhelm and despair.

People around the world have found peace and comfort in the actions of people before them who opposed the oppressive and constricting energies of the distorted Masculine, and the movement away from that is growing daily.

The news of whistleblowers, protests, Occupy movements; old structures being eroded by the power of people waking up to the knowledge that there IS another way forward, and it can be positive and light-filled.

The last few decades have been the death-throes of the old energy surging to be acknowledged before being swept away by what’s to come.

The Divine Feminine is making her presence known, and now is the time to honour the work of those who’ve gone before to pave the way for the coming peace, abundance, and pure bliss. Living in this energy is to be constantly basking in the Love of the Divine.

So, I’ll leave you with the beautiful words sung by Mama Cass to remind you of Divine Timing and the potential that all things have to come to fruition if the intention and desire is clear.

With huge love and gratitude to the bringers of light who came before us and anchored in the possibility for this New Day to dawn, and for their patience, holding true to that vision of possibility through the darkest of times.

‘There’s a New World Coming, and it’s just around the bend,
There’s a New World coming, this one’s coming to an end,
There’s a New Voice calling, you can hear it if you try,
And it’s growing stronger, with each day that passes by.
There’s a Brand New Morning, rising clear and sweet and free,
There’s a New Day dawning that belongs to you and me,
Yes a New World’s Coming, the one we’ve had visions of,
Coming in Peace, Coming in Joy, Coming in Love…’

(‘There’s a New Day Dawning,’ written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, 1970; was performed by both Cass Elliot and Nina Simone)

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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  1. Jenny, what a wonderful post. Such a powerful reminder that if we all keep the faith and work on our own little corners of the world, that optimism and strength and heart-centred way of interacting with the world and everyone in it can spread and link up and create the most amazing new paradigm. Such a lovely reminder that so many have gone before us preparing the way for more coming to step up and do this work. Thank you xxx

    • Thank you, Shan!

      I appreciate your feedback – this song affected me so strongly when I heard it that morning, and I realised we are all vital pieces of the puzzle, even if some days we feel this isn’t the case. Every ripple we make has the potential to affect countless people in countless generations, so if we make our ripples good ones, we can’t fail to make a difference in the world.

      Big Love,

  2. Thanks for this beautiful sharing.

    I think that what we’re talking about here is such a gigantic change that it can’t help but take decades, even generations. It’s so easy to get impatient and pessimistic, but I believe that looking at the larger picture helps us to accept the time it takes and be encouraged by whatever change we’re able to witness!

    • Thanks for your comment, Qatana!

      Absolutely, some changes are so enormous that they can’t help but take time. There’s also the aspect of the darker energies being driven out by the light, which had to dig very deep in many cases. It’s like the movement towards change went underground, working below the surface to make the foundations ready for the new energy to hold to. With the old foundations built on fear and insecurity, the new energies would have difficulty finding a place to build – they had to be replaced with firmer, stronger bases, ready for growth and change.

      Big Love,

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