Patience and Growth

I had some messages from the trees today, and wanted to share them with you.

The process of growth is one of surrender – the action involved IS surrender. That may feel counterintuitive, because it doesn’t feel like an action from our 3rd Dimensional understanding of it. In a state of surrender, receptivity is enhanced and amplified, which results in organic growth that is aligned with all external factors.

Take for instance, a year in which the climate and other factors are not ideal for a tree. It maintains and preserves its energy for its own growth, and produces fewer flowers, seeds or fruits. In years with perfect conditions, it might produce an abundance.

Surrender is inherent in trust. To trust that you will intuitively know when to blossom and when to hibernate is to return to a surrendered state of being in which ‘pushing through’ and ‘action for the sake of action’ no longer feel resonant. When all is in alignment, you will access your most abundant state.

Have a beautiful day!

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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