Pendulum Healing Sessions

Photo by Rosemary DespresDuring these healing sessions, the pendulum acts as a clearing tool while I open to messages from your body and energetic field.

They’re very similar to Reiki, using the pendulum as an extension of my connection to universal healing energy.

I open each session with an intention, guided by your particular healing needs. I may use tarot and oracle cards to support and expand on the initial energetic outlook.

As I pass the pendulum over your chakras (using crystals to stand-in for a distance session), it moves over blockages or areas in need of release. Messages come through which pertain to the healing, and are passed on to you. The pendulum spins first in one direction, which is the removal of toxins or blockages; then it spins the opposite way, re-balancing and integrating (it feels like an energetic sewing up).

So far, I’ve used this to support people going through cancer treatment; with accessing past life injuries or experiences that were creating blockages in current situations; with opening up channels to emotional healing from old or buried wounds; and to ease physical pain and symptoms caused by emotional blocks. I’ve had great results with animals of all kinds, who usually fall asleep or cuddle up to enjoy the energy.


“I work with energy and readings to me are significant tools to expand my own awareness and offer guidance to my heart. I am very careful and selective about who I allow to ‘read me’ and I trust Jenny Griffin unequivocally. Receiving a pendulum session reading from Jenny is a gift. Her skills as an energy worker and healer shine through all that she shares; from the detail she provides, the reading is easy to feel into and think about (even if the subject matter is sensitive).

Jenny has a way of tuning in to whatever your heart is asking (even if you haven’t shared that directly with her) and providing a thorough, very accurate energetic reading to reflect upon. Her words are full of love, even those that invite me to look into something potentially ‘shadowy’ or vulnerable. Because I feel supported and encouraged through the reading, I am most likely to do that inner work and feel a shift and/or healing (or a few) as a direct result. 

Jenny even takes it a step beyond most readers and offers symbolism and meanings (which are important to me and add to the overall exquisiteness of the reading). Through her descriptive words, it doesn’t feel like a distance session, it feels like I am ‘right there.’ I feel comfortable and safe, so my heart remains open to the energy, while my mind remains open to processing the guidance. 

A pendulum session with Jenny is a great way to enhance your clarity, affirm something within and learn more about what areas in your body and/or life might be asking for your attention. I refer back to my reading weeks or even months after I originally received it and, each time I do, something new stands out to me. I highly recommend a pendulum session reading with Jenny – either for fun or as a complement to your current practices of presence!” ~ Joy Holland, Heart Healer, Intuitive Guide and Clarity Facilitator at Facets of Joy

How a pendulum session works:

Each session is unique. It can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, and will bring up something different every time. Even when done remotely, you may feel the work taking place, so choose a time when you’ll be relaxed and at ease.

If you’d prefer to be ‘present’ via Zoom (similar to Skype), that can be arranged and recorded as a video.

The cost is £62 GBP per session. Please book using the button below. I look forward to working with you!