Power and EMpowerment

Today I was sitting and writing in a coffee shop, one of my favourite things to do, and something came clear(er) on power.

Here’s my understanding of the message: We can only hold space for others to wield their own power, we cannot capture or possess power that was not ours to begin with.

In attempting to capture false power (any that exists outside of ourselves), we burn ourselves out – we become so focussed on maintaining our hold on the (false) power that all else falls away.

It’s only in returning to a deeply EMpowered sense of self/being that we find balance – in our Selves and in the external world.

Nothing and no one can bestow power on you, nor can you take it from another. You cannot possess it, because it is dynamic, like energy. All you can do is become a passionate STEWARD for your own power and learn to wield it with integrity and intention.

Once you fully accept that you are the exact steward needed for the power you’ve been given, you become consciously, responsibly EMpowered. It doesn’t have to look the way you (or others) may expect or hope, and you might have to get your hands dirty 🙂

Surrender, of course, comes into it. Let go of external definitions of power; old understandings of where your own power lies, or how to use it; how it might look; collective structures that have defined what appropriate uses of power look like (especially where they go against self-responsibility); and the idea of possession or imposition as a means to power.

Surrender into your embodied sense of knowing that power exists within you at all times. Stewardship is the key word here. You are nurturing your power as you would a garden or a child. How would you like it to grow?

Wishing you magic on this beautiful day.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3