Putting Down Roots

I’m feeling very strongly the need to be grounded and rooted right now. There’s a lot of chaos in the collective and it can be unsettling.

I found another tree circle yesterday and this one was made up of five trees growing out of a single root structure. I climbed up into the middle and sat on a branch to feel into the energy and asked about putting down roots.

The message was beautiful, and clear. It is VITAL to put down roots, because it connects you to the Love of Mother Earth. Wherever you are, no matter how temporary it may seem, put down roots. It is an important aspect of claiming your space and of creativity.

Putting down roots engenders a safe place to grow, bloom and express. It allows you to grow at your pace. Love expands when you are rooted and grounded. No one else can do this for you. All trees know how to establish root systems – it is inherent, intuitive and instinctual.

Love always exists. It holds space for roots to grow. It expands the experience of owning your space, lovingly and openly. The canopy of the tree is the expression of that openness, and the solidity of the roots. The canopy is the creative response to feeling rooted and loved.

To be rooted to the Earth is life. It is sustenance. It is Love. The Earth cannot provide us with her goodness until and unless we choose to put down roots.

It is a choice and an instinct all in one. When you have been exposed to trauma, it is natural to constrict, and to fear putting down roots. It feels safer to move, and frightening or unnatural to stay still. Trees don’t begin the process of rooting until the internal and external conditions line up. Seeds can be viable (and dormant) for years and through various conditions before they choose to put down roots.

Sometimes that spot is a crack in a rock or the bank of a raging river. It may not make sense to anyone else when or where they take root. The key is to trust the resonance within – internal and external feel balanced and aligned. The decision will feel peaceful.

Allow yourself the time you need to prepare, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Love yourself through the process of choosing and then open yourself to receive what you need. Patience is a state of trust and surrender.

You are a spiritual warrior, with the power of the Earth at your feet and the sky as the only limit that exists! Reach up and bloom, knowing you are supported by a network of roots and wisdom beyond the visible that supports the entire Universe. This is the undeniable magic of life. It is you.

Have a beautiful day!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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