Relationship begins Within

As we continue to shift, dissolving the structures around our 3D existence, new understandings of existing concepts will continue to emerge. Our language is rife with examples of limiting structures, in the words we use and the way we use them.

Take for instance, the concept of ‘being in (a) relationship.’ If you are not currently paired with someone, you are said to be NOT in a relationship. However, that’s actually impossible because life IS a relationship with everything around us.

It’s only through the dualistic understanding of ourselves as separate that we began to define everything around us as ways to control and contain our experience. The dissolution of the structures sees us returning to a state of broader connection with the state of BEingness, which includes ALL. It leads to deeper joy and more compassionate interactions, as we accept that our thoughts and actions impact EVERYTHING.

As always, it starts within us – if we feel hurt, victimised or let down by by life, our relationship with life could use some examination. What we feel (or avoid feeling), we emit. It’s not about taking ‘good’ actions to mask darker intentions, it’s about alignment.

Relationship begins within.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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