Resistance, Dissonance, Defiance and Love

I’ve been working through some stuff on resistance lately, and now writing another chapter for the book. Every time I think it’s finished, it teaches me something new!

I wanted to share with you some of the insights I’ve had over the past couple of days around the idea of resistance, and how it relates to dissonance, defiance and love. Okay, where to start… there are a few threads here…

What is resistance? It has become clear that resistance is not love, or in other words, if something feels not like love, it is resistance to love. Even when we have celebrated resistance as a collective (for instance, resistance movements during wars) it is connected to the martyr side of the victim-martyr dynamic, which is not love in its unadulterated state.

Protests, defiance, opposition, are all rooted in a fearful energy that feels in some way helpless or victim-like, and add to the resistance to love. To bring awareness to a cause with love is to bring awareness to the presence of love, not the absence of it. In other words, speak up for love, not against what does not feel like love. Resistance is unloving, even where it is portrayed as an act of love. Surrender underlies the energy of love, and trust, and receptivity – all key aspects of the Divine Feminine energy. Resistance to anything is resistance to love.

This ties in to the ongoing dissolution of fear-based ego that is happening throughout the collective. The idea of transcending ego is more a matter of integration of all the ways you’ve resisted love, for yourself, others and the world. Resistance only hurts YOU. As you (attempt to) close yourself to the experience of pain, you constrict the flow of the very thing you need to heal: love. This also causes others to be more resolute in their position as it reflects to them the veracity of their beliefs (constriction or fear).

How does this tie in to dissonance? Sometimes when something feels dissonant, we resist it. The more loving thing would be to walk away and continue to generate love. You can be loving from afar, with healthy boundaries and a compassionate detachment, without resisting the situation. There’s no need to resist what you choose to no longer engage with. You can love it, knowing it is not resonant with your highest good, and also love whatever comes along to take its place.

As you ease up on resistance and surrender to the flow of love, it expands, exponentially. You will not feel depleted by the act of generating love, because it is not an exchange but a gift freely given from a place of peace and non-resistance. It is only when giving through constriction that you feel the depletion.

Big, big, non-resistant Love to you,
~ Jenny

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