Resistance truly is Futile

Happy Friday!

I’ve been having some deeper revelations around shifting into our multidimensional selves.

It involves a kind of joyful abandon in accepting everything in our experience as the perfect next step, no matter how it might ‘appear.’ Appearances, fears, structures are all connected with the 3D experience, and as we attune ourselves to the energetic resonance of the higher dimensions, we begin to see the magic as it exists simultaneously.

It can seem challenging, because we may have glimpses of other dimensions and then be ‘firmly’ brought back to the 3D ‘reality’ by circumstances or situations that feel testing or frustrating. The trick is to focus on the joyful acknowledgement of ALL as a means to our expansion. Don’t fight it, don’t struggle, don’t ignore or deny the feelings.

Feelings are KEY, because as we develop a deeper intimacy with ourselves and our experience, we become more and more aligned with the things that lead us to joy. And it all becomes easier and more flowing.

The 3D ‘methodologies’ are what trip us up in accepting and living in the higher dimensions. We can no longer use the tools we developed in the density of 3D to move through life. So, anywhere we’re tied to structures, belief systems, fears, etc – any old paradigm constructs – we’re resisting the new.

If we look at higher dimensional ‘problems’ through a 3D lens, they will not be solvable. So the releasing part is vital – bring the energy of newness to everything. Approach problems with a light and joyful heart and free yourself from the ‘reality’ of the 3D.

Let me give you an example. I proclaimed my desire to be of loving, joyful service to the world, and to Love. Very shortly thereafter a casual opportunity arose to be a waitress at a company that caters weddings. While a 3D response might be, ‘well, that’s not my life’s purpose,’ or ‘well, it’s not rocket science but I sure could use the money’ a higher dimensional response is ‘WOW! Being of service (waitress) at wedding functions (celebrations of love). It’s just what I asked for!’

Not only that, but approaching the new with a joyful attitude is the difference between the two responses. Joy is our choice – I can enter the new opportunity with resignation, uncertainty or resentment, OR I can enter it with joy, knowing that my wishes are always presented as I ask. I can look excitedly towards the experience of being whisked off somewhere new, to be around people celebrating someone’s happiness and Love, and bask in the glow of those feelings.

I have no idea how it will turn out, and it might be a ‘disaster.’ But isn’t that exciting? If it is a ‘disaster,’ it offers me the chance to view it from the higher dimensional perspectives of joy and unconditional love and find the gifts in the situation. Then I can continue to focus on being of joyful service to the world, and to Love, and see what other opportunities come up to live that!

We’re not waiting around for the higher dimensions to take root, they’re already here! The shift is within each and every one of us. Leave behind past ways of experiencing, seeing and doing and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the flow of Love and Joy, allowing it to show you the way to living fully in your higher dimensional Self.

If you ‘fall back’ into 3D crap, LOVE IT! Enjoy the shit out of it! Resistance really, truly is futile. Those Borg were right on.

Big Love, ~ Jenny

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