Resonance and Integrity

Here’s something to consider: Personal integrity is just that – personal. It is a choice, and can only be defined by each of us for us alone.

The thing is, we’re all energetic beings, and strive for resonance. With that in mind, the messages we speak, even as they come through a channel from Source, come through our body. The resonance then, is related to how integral each person is in their own understanding of that, not in anyone else’s estimation.

It means that whoever is receiving the messages feels the resonance as a reflection of the messenger’s own alignment. So, if the messenger is in some way not being honest with themselves about what they say they hold as valuable, it is only between them and Source, but on the earthly plane, their messages may not be making the impact they desire because the resonance is off.

Until we make the shifts into multi-dimensionality that mean we no longer have need of our physical bodies the actions we take have resonance here. I stepped on the dog’s foot the other day (by accident) and he yelped. He felt the pain in his body, even if not in his soul. True unity (eventually) comes when we acknowledge and love the different levels of ourselves as pieces of the whole.

This is not to say that integrity means everyone is super nice all the time. I remember a couple of years ago hearing an interview with an ageing rock star, and he was really owning his ‘asshole-iness.’ I remember thinking, yeah, if you’re going to be an asshole, be one spectacularly!

The thing with resonance is that if I speak like I’m a being of pure love and meanwhile walk around stomping on kittens or stealing people’s stuff, the resonance will be off. The energy that runs through us all feels that.

Even though on a soul level everything is rooted in love, part of the transition we’re making involves transmuting the older paradigm, 3D energies. If we can individually (and thus collectively) attain more resonance, the shift will be easier.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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