Revisiting the Law of Attraction

While I was out in the forest the other day, I asked the Earth what she had to say about our monetary system and the idea of manifesting.

The answer I got was: we have it all backwards This dimension is a mirror of the higher realms, in more ways than one. It actually distorts and reverses some of the universal laws which we hold to be the truth. As we feel the shifting of the structures here more clearly, we can begin to find new understandings of old truths.

So, to return to the Law of Attraction: what if our 3rd dimensional understanding of it were backwards? So, instead of our desires creating our reality, the truth of the existence of what is creates our desires.

Let me re-phrase that. Whatever you desire already exists, whether in this dimension or another. The fact that you have a desire for it is all the evidence you need of that. So, when a desire/need shows up in your existence, it’s because the manifestation of it has reached some level of your awareness and triggered that desire in you, not the other way around.

In our human, 3rd dimensional way, we attach to the desiring of the thing instead of the deep, soul-level knowing that it exists, and in that moment make room for the feeling of lack. We feel the missing of the thing before we’ve had a chance to sit with the glorious knowledge that it already IS.

Think of a bird, who Tufted Titmousedoesn’t know he needs a nest until that desire shows up in his reality. In that moment he realises he is surrounded by trees and bushes that would provide perfect hiding places.

This is nature’s way, and we are a part of nature. We may have become disconnected from that knowledge and walled ourselves off in the perceived safety of our homes and villages, but at the root of us is that knowledge. We are energy manifest in physical form, and part of an incredible ecosystem of Universal creative magic.

One mismatch between desire and manifestation is in the wavering of belief in the desire/choice/need. The purity and trust in the moment of desire, generated through the joy of the wanting is a key that opens the door to manifestation. There is divine creativity in the inception of desire that already encompasses the full expression of it.

Another potential snag that can arise is in the creator’s belief in their deserving of their desires. If there are lingering feelings of unworthiness or undeserving, the desire is tainted with the same energy. Then the creator, when faced with his own manifestations finds himself feeling unworthy of the very beauty he created through the purity of his joyful heart, and may resist receiving it.

Another part of the message, about the monetary system, was around the construct of exchange. The word exchange was described to me as inaccurate, a distortion of the purity of the natural state of being, which is closest to the words symbiosis and interdependence. The structure as it is around language doesn’t have a word to accurately describe the feeling of it, but those two are suitable.

In ‘exchange,’ there still exists expectation; otherwise, there is sharing of heart-felt intention and BEingness. Exchange still maintains an element of control, whereas in the symbiotic/interdependent energy, there is a vulnerability on both sides, a surrender to the freedom of Oneness and separateness at the same time.

Our existence is 100% supported by the Universe – we have only to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to relinquish the control over HOW.

The two pieces tie together beautifully – it allows for the freedom of our creations to be what and how they are without our interference. We exist symbiotically with all of creation, including everything we don’t yet know we want. The moment we feel the joy of desire we can also feel the truth of its manifestation. There is no need to shift from that awareness into the ‘space in-between’ (lack) which is an illusion of this dimension.

It also explains why it doesn’t work to create from the opposite perspective: in desperation or lack, we cry out that we need something to fill the perceived hole in our lives or ourselves. We may find our manifestations coming to us and feeling the lack of fulfilment at their arrival, as they were created through the lens of destitution. There is expectation placed on these creations that distorts the purity of their expression. They will feel like not enough if they’re created from the energy of lack.

The monetary system with its existing layers of structural distortions is based on this process and the idea of exchange. So exchange itself is a branch of the distortion. That’s where the experiences of surrender and symbiosis that come of BEing come in. It’s a consensual, non-invasive interdependence that allows for each party involved to experience what is optimal for their growth.

When we enter into exchanges without attachment and in a state of trust, we ALL experience the grace of receiving whatever is in our highest and best good.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

2 Replies to “Revisiting the Law of Attraction”

  1. This was such a powerful interpretation of the law of attraction. I do have a question. How do we avoid the feelings of lack or unworthiness from tainting our heartfelt desires?

    • Hi Adrienne! Thank you so much for your comment and your question. That is the million dollar question 🙂

      As I feel into it, the answer lies in not avoiding the feelings of lack or unworthiness, but in addressing them as/if they arise. So, as each desire becomes known, sit with the joy of its existence and then see what happens. If feelings of lack arise, follow them wherever they lead. You can always ask yourself ‘is there a hole in myself that wants to be filled by this?’

      Also, feel into the desires themselves, as independent creations. See what they want to be, what they want to express, and allow them the freedom to BE that without external (mental) control. Allow them to show you how they might come about in this dimension, and not the other way around. That way you can tap into the aliveness of the creation, the pleasure of the moment as your heart expresses its wants. The how itself is the limitation, in a sense. It connects us to the control of the outcome, instead of the joy of the desire.

      Sometimes it helps to start to be mindful of ‘small’ manifestations every day, and the ways they show up as the result of your joyful process. We can be distracted by our larger desires, and the ‘lack’ of them in our lives, while we are actually aligning with hundreds of creations each day. There is also some distortion around the underlying collective understanding around wanting – and guilt associated with wanting things. This is where the purity of your heart’s intentions comes in, I think. Again, if you tune into the idea of whether the desire is filling a perceived hole in you, or whether it is expressing itself as an independent BEing desiring expression through you, that gap can be bridged.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Thank you again for your question.
      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

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