Re-writing the Story of your Life

It’s easy to believe the stories we tell ourselves, especially the ones that have been with us for years, or even generations.

Sometimes we accept the old stories as unchangeable ‘truths.’

‘I was abused,’ becomes part of our identity and leads us to respond in ways aligned with that truth.

‘I always fall for unavailable men,’ becomes our modus operandi in relationships, seemingly dooming us to a life of loneliness or heartache.

Life has a way of offering us mirrors that reflect to us what we hold in our consciousness, so the stories we tell appear to be true based on what life is reflecting to us.

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people.”
Virginia Woolf

These stories are not the sum total your truth.

They are experiences, beliefs and patterns that have made a home in your consciousness, masking the fullness of your divine truth underneath. These pieces have come to reveal gifts that lead you to a new way of experiencing and BEing. They have become a part of your story, and can un-become a part.

Your truth lies somewhere inside you, and you have the ability to find it and speak it. You can tell a whole new story, based on different reflections of yourself. It’s a matter of looking for new mirrors and believing what you see.

This eCourse provides an opportunity to make changes to what you see and how you perceive it. You can examine your story from new perspectives, to see if it honestly reflects the one you want to tell.

It walks you through 5 weeks of exercises designed to move you from your past and current story to one that better reflects the one you want to tell.


The focus for the first two weeks is mindfulness: observing your language and creatively shifting your attention to ways your past and present storylines show up day-to-day.

The next two weeks move into taking action and re-writing or re-phrasing the pieces that feel outdated. There will be daily exercises to offer suggestions and inspiration to work through this process.

limitsFinally, you reawaken old dormant dreams, imagine new ones and create a story you’d really like to tell.

Anything is possible in the Field of Dreams.

The course includes regular email contact and two, 30-minute mentoring sessions.

The cost of the course is £89 GBP. Sign up using the button below, and start today!

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