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grunge-hearts-patternHi! This page gives you a taste of the services I offer.

I hope you’ve had a chance to look around and get to know more about who I am. If you haven’t visited yet, here’s a link to the page with all the juicy details of who I am and what I do: About The Power of Change

I work intuitively, allowing each session to flow organically with your needs. As an intuitive empath and messenger, my role is to provide clarity on what may be impeding flow in your life. Together we create solutions to your challenges and find ways to move towards greater expansion.

There are a number of ways we can work together, including tarot readings, intuitive mentoring and eCourses.

I’d be delighted to serve you!

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Tarot Services

Intuitive Tarot:

Intuitive tarot is services, tarot reading a guide to energetically examine your current experience. Think of it as therapeutic help in finding alternative perspectives when it feels as if there are none. By pinpointing strengths, challenges and gifts, the cards offer suggestions on how to embrace the power in all of life’s situations, moving towards the life you dream of.

It’s easier to make shifts from a place of empowerment and clarity, where creative solutions become the obvious (or only) choices. It’s easier to see the gifts in the experiences presented to you when you allow yourself to honour and acknowledge them.

Annual Intuitive Tarot:
The intuitive tarot I do is descriptive more than predictive – it offers an energetic overview of each month and how you might use that to your advantage.

The cards trigger channelled intuitive insights which create a reading designed just for you. Each reading is attuned to your specific energy and combined with the overall feel every month, to offer you a unique glimpse into the year ahead.

A song, image, colour or insight from my inner child may also accompany the monthly cards, as my intuition guides me. These are provided to create a tapestry of tools and wisdom to support you through your year.

Learn the Tarot:
services, tarot course
I see the tarot as a guide, a tool to assess the potential opportunities or actions that could be taken in any given situation. A reading asks the seeker to let go of preconceived ideas about what the cards mean and the reader to let go of their perceptions of what the seeker is looking for.

The web-based classes consist of four 2-hour sessions which explore and examine the story in more detail. Whether you’re brand new to tarot and using your intuition or a practiced explorer, the course can help you develop a deeper connection with the cards.

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Intuitive Healing

Pendulum Healing Session:

During these healing sessions, the pendulum acts as a clearing tool while I open to messages from your body and energetic field.

They’re very similar to Reiki, using the pendulum as an extension of my connection to universal healing energy.

I open each session with an intention, guided by your particular healing needs. I may use tarot and oracle cards to support and expand on the initial energetic outlook.

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An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists (an eCourse):

boundaries, empath, narcissistThe course is designed to help develop a deeper sense of understanding around the dynamic involved, as well as to encourage empaths to continue working towards personal responsibility and creating strong, healthy boundaries and a clear sense of Self. These are vital in all relationships and, especially after having been involved with narcissists, can feel very uncertain.

We will examine the question ‘Am I the narcissist?’ which frequently arises in empaths’ explorations of their interactions with narcissists. Because the two are so closely tied (they are energetic mirrors), it is inevitable and natural to question this in yourself. It’s also healthy and a pretty good indication that you’re NOT a narcissist, if you’re truly willing to face and explore the possibility. It’s a very responsible thing, to question and examine your own energy in this way.

We will also look at the gifts that result from these connections, because there are absolutely gifts, although it can feel like anything but in the aftermath of a relationship with a narcissist. You are no doubt an even more sensitive empath as a result of your interactions with narcissists, which will change the way you relate, to yourself and others.

Re-writing the Story of your Life (eCourse):
story, storiesIt’s easy to believe the stories we tell ourselves, especially the ones that have been with us for years, or even generations. Sometimes we accept the old stories as unchangeable ‘truths.’

These stories are not the sum total your truth.

They are experiences, beliefs and patterns that have made a home in your consciousness, masking the fullness of your divine truth underneath. These pieces have come to reveal gifts that lead you to a new way of experiencing and BEing. They have become a part of your story, and can un-become a part.

Your truth lies somewhere inside you, and you have the ability to find it and speak it. You can tell a whole new story, based on different reflections of yourself. It’s a matter of looking for new mirrors and believing what you see.

This eCourse provides an opportunity to make changes to what you see and how you perceive it. You can examine your story from new perspectives, to see if it honestly reflects the one you want to tell.

It walks you through 5 weeks of exercises designed to move you from your past and current story to one that better reflects the one you want to tell.

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