Trust the Bus you’re On

Happy Wednesday! Today I took the first bus that came along to see where it would take me, and had a magical adventure. I was thinking about that as a metaphor for life. Sometimes we accept the first ___ job, relationship, home, etc___ that comes along, and sometimes it doesn’t feel magical in this dimension. Sometimes it feels completely the opposite of magical, and takes some time to recover from. Our souls see each opportunity as a chance to try something out, and enjoy the ride EVERY time. Life always, always teaches us something, and our higher selves know how to find the gifts in every given situation. This also applies to us as a collective – sometimes we appear to be all riding one Continue reading Trust the Bus you’re On

Goddess Wanted: Apply Within

At first I thought of calling this article, ‘Where the Heck is my Inner Goddess?’ but realised in a way, that question answers itself. My (Inner) Goddess is within. So why have I had such difficulty finding her? I’ve been doing a whole lot of letting go lately, and as I do, I find new perspectives flooding into me, and new layers still to be uncovered. I realised that a big part of the Inner Goddess is a Mother, and I’ve had some pretty distorted ideas about what that means. Without a healthier view of the concept of motherhood, I can’t embrace the fullness of my Divine Feminine, my Inner Goddess. We’re all born in the perfection of who we are, and as time goes Continue reading Goddess Wanted: Apply Within