Alchemy or Avoidance?

Happy Thursday, everyone, and 777 (7/7/16)! Woo Hoo! That’s got to mean something. Sevens in the tarot are about mastery and establishing a solid footing for the expansion and completion that lies ahead. It feels tied in to the idea of the holy trinity of inner child, self and higher self that are simultaneously reaching mastery to enhance and support alignment (and ascension). RAWR! (7+7+1+6 = 21, which breaks down into 3, confirming the presence of the trinity). This ties in SO beautifully with the message I received today while out for a walk. It touches on the idea of avoidance vs alchemy. I LOVE this message. What is the difference between avoidance and alchemy? Alchemy digests the truth; it incorporates the energy of diverse Continue reading Alchemy or Avoidance?