I Will Not Bend

My latest post over on Rebelle Society is called, I Will not Bend. I felt a sense of divine rage flowing through me and this one just ‘popped’ out. The Divine Feminine is making waves. Big Love, ~ Jenny  

A Tree does not Compromise

Message from the trees today: a tree does not compromise. They bend and adjust to circumstances and external events, but they are no ‘less’ a tree. The essence at the heart of BEing remains the same. They are vulnerable in the expression of who they are, laid bare to the elements and to what comes (in terms of climate and other external conditions). The roots hold strong, and connect them to the Heart of Creation and All That Is. They feel protected and safe as they express their ‘tree-ness’ to the world, knowing and loving themselves through all storms. This is a beautiful lesson. To know and understand yourself is to love yourself. It is never about understanding ‘the other’ because there is no other. Continue reading A Tree does not Compromise