If you are, so am I


Out on a brief sojourn this morning, I was contemplating the concept of I AM. We’re told it’s the most powerful phrase in the Universe, and as I’m currently exploring the energy of narcissism through the video series, something became clear.

One of the prevalent experiences in the narcissist dynamic is projection, and if you conjugate the verb to be, you’ve got a pretty powerful projection tool. I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, they are, you (pl) are. So anything you add after these words has the same impact as the powerful I AM statements we are encouraged to use as affirmations.

This is also a nod to the concept of Oneness; we could say that they all mean the same thing. When you say to someone else YOU ARE ____________, you’re actually saying I AM ___________. So it’s worth observing carefully what follows those words, because they’re a direct reflection of what’s in your field.

It also speaks again to the idea that healing begins within. We heal ourselves by addressing and acknowledging our own woundedness. We attain Oneness in the same way, by acknowledging the wounds of duality and healing the separation.

Just some morning ruminations.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

Healing and Addictions

There’s been a lot coming up for me around ways we soothe ourselves. Addictions are all designed to self-soothe. Some behaviours we may not connect with addictions are also self-soothing mechanisms. Consciousness is really key – asking if the choice we’re making in this moment is really nourishing us, or if it’s instead distracting us from feeling something. What also came up yesterday was that before (external) shifts, there are indicators of change that begin deep within. These can sometimes trigger the desire to soothe in some way, and again, being aware of what’s underneath the craving or need for a ‘hit’ is one way to ease into the change. There’s nothing wrong with soothing yourself – it’s really vital as you’re healing. The challenge Continue reading Healing and Addictions