An Interview with the Wild Feminine

I step cautiously into the room, unsure of what I’ll find, not wanting to disturb this elusive creature. There she is, dancing ecstatically, to music only she can hear. I’m frozen on the spot, blinded by her radiance. As she spins, she catches sight of me and beckons me further into the room, into the dance. I mutter something weak, like, ‘oh, but there’s no music…’ and the sudden peal of her laughter awakens something long-dormant in my soul. ‘I know her,’ I think, and then the moment is gone as quickly as it arrived. I sit down, all formal and professional, not sure what to do in the presence of this wildness. I wait, as she dances and spins and laughs. I watch silently, Continue reading An Interview with the Wild Feminine

Death (Take 2)

Why is death such a feared topic? Apart from life, it is the one thing we all have in common. Yet there it is, the final destination, the thing we love to dread and dread to love. This post has taken me weeks to write, because I resisted it and avoided it, as if it were death itself. Of course, death cannot be put off forever, and neither can this post. In fact it has become two separate posts, connected but different, so the gift of death just keeps on giving. I’ve seen a fair bit of death in my life; father, grandparents, aunt, uncle, pets, friends, classmates, strangers, neighbours, relationships, dreams, etc. While I may not have at the time, I now understand the Continue reading Death (Take 2)

A Meditation on Death (and Life)

The Beginning (birth) For me, walking is meditation. I walk and walk and my mind goes blissfully blank, and then it starts to fill with all kinds of inspiration and ideas. A couple of weeks ago, I was happily walking in the New Forest, a place filled with incredible scenery and ancient energy. Imagine my surprise when I passed a huge dead tree and realised my next post would be about death. Even after that initial revelation, it hasn’t fallen easily into place. Something was missing, pieces here and there didn’t feel like they fit. Then last weekend, after the death of the American singer Whitney Houston, it felt like the final piece of the puzzle had been revealed. Still I felt resistance – to Continue reading A Meditation on Death (and Life)