March 2016 Visibility Challenge

This visibility challenge was an opportunity for me to commit to myself to show up every day, no matter what, to create a video. I had no particular ‘reason,’ other than to explore the vulnerability of being visible in more ways. When I first began, I had no idea what the topics would be, or if I’d have enough to cover the time I had committed to. Each day led to insights that offered potential topics for the next day, and so on. I enjoyed the process, and feel I gained a deeper sense of alignment through the daily explorations. I came to understand that being visible is not just an external experience. It is an integral experience that flows from deep within, expressing externally Continue reading March 2016 Visibility Challenge

Denial and Defining our Reality

This video discusses the subtle difference beteen denial of a possibility and not accepting certain potentials in our reality. The difference lies in resistance or resonance. Only you can define your reality for you. The editing and sound are a bit funky in this one. The message still feels valid, so I left it as is. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3