Enduring vs BEing with Discomfort

I woke up at 4am feeling so much magic. It’s funny, because external circumstances aren’t ideal right now, but the overwhelming sense of joy and magic was undeniable. It led to some insights, which I wanted to share. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of enduring – what are we willing to endure, and why? Enduring is a huge part of abusive relationships. Some endure abuse because it’s all they’ve ever known, and adapt using cognitive dissonance, which keeps them feeling the safety of the familiar while not actually bringing awareness to the patterning. Some endure because it gives them a sense of power or martyrdom – ‘after all I’ve done for you…’ which then switches back into a kind of perpetual Continue reading Enduring vs BEing with Discomfort

One Hundred Percent Presence

I hope November is going well for you. I know last week was challenging for some, and brought up many of our collective shadows. The change we’ve asked for is here. Now we can put into practice all the things we’ve learned and built, and shine as brightly as we’ve learned to shine. Don’t hold back in using your voice. Stand up and be counted. On my walk this morning I stopped by the tree circle and the message was all about being present. It’s so vital right now to be really, truly present and embodied in our lives. Even as I was there, I felt my mind drifting off to something else and observed just how quickly it can happen. So I stood and Continue reading One Hundred Percent Presence