Resistance, Dissonance, Defiance and Love

I’ve been working through some stuff on resistance lately, and now writing another chapter for the book. Every time I think it’s finished, it teaches me something new! I wanted to share with you some of the insights I’ve had over the past couple of days around the idea of resistance, and how it relates to dissonance, defiance and love. Okay, where to start… there are a few threads here… What is resistance? It has become clear that resistance is not love, or in other words, if something feels not like love, it is resistance to love. Even when we have celebrated resistance as a collective (for instance, resistance movements during wars) it is connected to the martyr side of the victim-martyr dynamic, which is Continue reading Resistance, Dissonance, Defiance and Love

Toxicity, Resonance & Healing

With this video, I hope to offer clarity on the concepts of toxicity, dissonance, resonance and healing. Happy 2016!! I’ve been detoxing for a few weeks and things are shifting rapidly. There are all kinds of insights coming up around the idea of toxicity and resonance, and how they contribute to healing on all levels of your being. As my physical body clears itself of heaviness, I feel lighter through my whole energy system. It feels like part of the integration process as we continue to ground the processing of the past several years in our physical ‘vessels.’ See also more clarity that came of this insight in the post entitled ‘Toxins and Integration.’ Big Love, ~ Jenny *If you enjoyed this video, you might Continue reading Toxicity, Resonance & Healing