Narcissism and the Divine Feminine

Here’s a thought: narcissism is the antithesis of the divine Feminine. What does this mean for you and me? First I’m going to go broad, and then we’ll get personal. Really personal. The energetic realignment that’s been underway for decades has been about shifting old consciousness around existing distorted structures towards a more heart-centred way of being. This energy has been presenting as a resurgence of the (sacred) feminine, which has for millennia been under-represented in the way we’ve constructed life in 3D reality. The purpose is to balance the masculine and feminine energies, leading to wholeness as individuals and as a collective. This is not a ‘gender’ war, but speaks to complementary aspects of Oneness; the yin and yang, if you will. The ways Continue reading Narcissism and the Divine Feminine

Unleashing the Goddess: the Madonna-Whore Fallacy

At some point in the space-time continuum, the true expression of the Divine Feminine has been hijacked. She has been subjected to distortion, along with her counterpart the Divine Masculine, to become something less potent and incredible than she is. She’s been buried under the collective understanding of the Madonna-Whore dichotomy, and we’ve been misled to choose one of these options, when the truth is so much more expansive, so much more divine. The truth is the Goddess. At what point did we decide to believe that a virgin (and not the Goddess) was the rightful counterpart for the God, the only proper mother for his son? At what point did we relinquish our right to the sexual and creative power that defines the Goddess? Continue reading Unleashing the Goddess: the Madonna-Whore Fallacy

There are No Victims

Recently, there has been a huge upswell of compassion and outrage over the death of Cecil, an African lion shot by a trophy hunter. This provides a beautiful opportunity for shifting our collective views around empowerment and victimhood. Cecil, while an ‘animal’ in this incarnation, is a spiritual being as enormous as any other. As a collective we ALL have a role to play, and Cecil was every bit as much an agent as the hunter. On a soul level, there is no difference between man and ‘beast’ or between hunter and hunted. We live, we breathe, we contribute to collective consciousness and evolution. Cecil is a powerhouse, and the evidence is in the aftermath of the events surrounding his death. If we remove agency Continue reading There are No Victims