Insights on Cheating

The insights for today are about cheating, and they’re kind of tied in to yesterday’s on deserving and entitlement. This seems to have been a prevalent energy for so many people lately, and is a part of the old, darker stuff that’s being cleared as we embody more and more light. The energy of cheating in the 3rd Dimension has a couple of energetic barbs associated with it. Firstly, there are the associated assumptions of right and wrong. It is ‘wrong’ to cheat and therefore the one cheated on is ‘right.’ Ultimately these distinctions exist only within the (ego) understandings of separation that exist here in 3D. From a multi-dimensional perspective, there is no right and wrong. Again, this doesn’t deny us responsibility for the Continue reading Insights on Cheating

Deserving vs Entitlement

Today’s insight is about deserving and entitlement. What is the difference? Deserving comes from a sense of total acceptance and allowance of the abundance that exists at all times. Entitlement comes from a sense of lack or constriction. While on the surface one can feel like the other, they manifest in different ways. Deserving feels like we can ask for and expect what we want and need to show up, always, in the exact right time. It feels like patience, trust and knowing. Entitlement is more of a chasing, grasping energy, where we might go into others’ energy and take what we want because we feel a lack of it in our own experience. It feels like impatience, frustration and insecurity. We have become accustomed, Continue reading Deserving vs Entitlement