Integration and Self-Responsibility

Back in March, I wrote about self-responsibility as an empath’s super-power. Since then, as is the way with most insights, I’ve been taken deeper and deeper into the understanding of the this and how it plays out in the world. The concept of responsibility has always been a tricky one for me to understand. Where does my responsibility begin and end? What am I responsible for and what am I not? When you grow up parenting your parent, it’s difficult to find that distinction. You become everyone else’s caregiver (whether physically, energetically, emotionally or otherwise) and forget somewhere along the way the power of claiming your own needs. As I’ve examined this topic more in-depth, I’ve discovered a whole lot of ways I’ve misunderstood the Continue reading Integration and Self-Responsibility

Expansion Follows the Squeeze

Holy releasing, Batman! This is some powerful moon energy. It feels like the last tendrils of whatever (we’ve believed) was holding us back are being gently stripped away. Don’t be afraid of your beautiful truth. The old stories were meant as jumping off points. Remember who you are at your shiny, magnificent core and unleash it. I feel deep grief and sorrow, and I’m letting it all go with the stories of who I feared I was/wasn’t. It’s peaceful and freeing and alive with potential. Expansion comes after the squeeze 🙂 Big, big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Zoom, Zoom, Cowabunga

Phew, there is an expansion happening, and it feels like a speeding up of time combined with access to the bigger picture all rolled into a Batman-esque KAPOW! Or as my inner child described it, Zoom, Zoom, Cowabunga! Now the retreat energy from the end of March through to last week (-? perhaps longer for some) is rolling into this forward-motion. Did you get the chance to clear your energy in April and to understand the BIG lessons of the last nine-year cycle? Did you take time for self-care and rest? It feels like the brakes are off now. As if the exams are almost over. Now how do you define yourself? Sometimes there’s a grieving as we shift from one definition of self to Continue reading Zoom, Zoom, Cowabunga

Bold Steps

I hope you’re all enjoying the post-Full Moon energy. It feels like things are on track for some forward movement. We’ve done a LOT of clearing so far this year and the retrogrades helped us RE- a lot of things… re-think, re-do, re-iterate, re-lease, you get the picture. Today I was on fire. It seems like I’m getting clearer on the big picture, and every day take steps towards it. Today felt like a big one. I keep saying I want to expand my reach and be more visible, yet sometimes I get caught up in old fear stories. So today I did something out of my comfort zone and created a Patreon account. It took me hours to write up the about page, and Continue reading Bold Steps

Surrender Everything

I’m being reminded that the act of surrender encompasses EVERYTHING. Letting go involves the release of hopes, dreams and desires as well as what no longer serves. Why? Because sometimes the hopes, dreams and desires we’ve been holding on to as beacons through the stormy weather are no longer a fit for what we have become or are in the process of becoming. In other words, we outgrow our dreams and desires as we integrate the fullness of ourselves. As with any other releasing, this can bring up sadness, longing or discomfort, as we surrender the beauty of what we’ve so long held on to as safety, security or possibility. What it brings is an opening for so much more, something that truly fits us Continue reading Surrender Everything