Sharing the Love

My wonderful friend Joy Holland at Facets of Joy, has been sharing 28 Days of Connection over at her site. For the month of February, she is celebrating love. So, she sent me a few questions about love, and you can find my answers here. Join the celebration of love and hop over to see the answers from a wide variety of people. Joy asks beautiful questions and has a way of facilitating the space that feels nurturing and warm. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Exploring Home

A beautiful friend of mine, Joy Holland, has been writing and creating at Facets of Joy for a number of years. I love her energy and the way she shares her heart and experiences so openly. This month, she’s exploring home, and what it means to different people. She asked me to make a contribution, and as I’ve just begun a new chapter on the home front, it felt right. Here’s my contribution, Make yourself at Home. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Make Yourself at Home

This week I’ve written a post which is featured in my friend Joy Holland’s exploration of home. Her website, Facets of Joy, is a constant source of inspiration and adventure, as she takes readers on journeys to presence in myriad ways. Writing about home for me was a strange experience, because I currently don’t have a home as others might define it (a bricks and mortar space). It was an excellent opportunity to discover what exactly the word meant to me, and how it felt. Here’s an excerpt, and a link to the full article on Joy’s wonderful site: ‘So here I was, existing, yet not living a grounded existence in a home, either a bodily one or a bricks and mortar one. A soul Continue reading Make Yourself at Home