The Rising Rage

The past couple of days I’ve noticed a rising sense of rage, connected to the feminine energy. It feels like a conscious reconnection to aspects of that power that have been held back for ages (millennia – ?). It is not necessarily easy, because it’s full-on, and powered by ancient knowledge that has been on some level forgotten. I feel her screaming out I WILL NOT BEND, and she kept me up last night with a longer message that will be a blog post. It is TIME now, to allow her to come forth in anger, to call for a righting of the distortions that support or perpetuate structures built around the wounded ego. It is time to allow her her FULL voice, no matter Continue reading The Rising Rage

The Divine Feminine eats Transformation for Breakfast

Back in July (2016), I was asked by a friend to write a piece about the divine feminine. It took a while for it to come together, and finally a month later, this is what emerged.  It isn’t so much that it was difficult, it was that I was resisting the final piece, the bit that made me go a-ha! and see how it all comes together. I was trying to make it pretty. It was only when I realised that; when I allowed the Divine Feminine’s fierce power to wash over me in waves of ecstatic memory, that the pieces clicked into place. What I wrote wasn’t in line with the compassionate feminine the friend had hoped to see. I understand her reluctance. There Continue reading The Divine Feminine eats Transformation for Breakfast

An Interview with the Wild Feminine

I step cautiously into the room, unsure of what I’ll find, not wanting to disturb this elusive creature. There she is, dancing ecstatically, to music only she can hear. I’m frozen on the spot, blinded by her radiance. As she spins, she catches sight of me and beckons me further into the room, into the dance. I mutter something weak, like, ‘oh, but there’s no music…’ and the sudden peal of her laughter awakens something long-dormant in my soul. ‘I know her,’ I think, and then the moment is gone as quickly as it arrived. I sit down, all formal and professional, not sure what to do in the presence of this wildness. I wait, as she dances and spins and laughs. I watch silently, Continue reading An Interview with the Wild Feminine

Money and Spirituality

My latest post, ‘Money and Spirituality in the New Paradigm’ has had some good response. It can be found in this week’s OM Times magazine on page 42. For those who prefer to read it online, the direct link is here: Money and Spirituality in the New Paradigm. It was also translated into Romanian and featured on Astrocafe.This is my first piece of work that has been translated, which is very exciting for me! Big Love, ~ Jenny <3