Forget Diamonds; Feelings are a Girl’s Best Friend

Actually, they’re a human’s best friend, but the song says girl, so I went with it. As a collective, we’re returning to the knowledge of the Divine Feminine at its full strength, so get ready to feel, like you’ve never felt before. No more of this surface-level bullshit or striving for the happy, clappy stuff that bypasses the truth of your power. Your power lies in the capacity to tap into the heart and soul of everything in existence, and that connection is through your Source-given ability to feel. If you’re not willing to feel certain emotions, labelling them as ‘negative’ or ‘uncomfortable,’ you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice. You’re also denying yourself the opportunity to feel the truth of Love at a Continue reading Forget Diamonds; Feelings are a Girl’s Best Friend

Trust: The Return to Innocence

There is so much magic in reconnecting with our integral selves. It’s so easy to lose sight of our core truths along the way, as we set them aside or don masks to be other things for other people, or perhaps to ‘fit in.’ One of the most painful things to lose sight of is trust, which is a state of innocent surrender. It involves detaching from what we believe our needs to be and allowing for what IS to flow. Knowing that as each new desire arises, it will be met with brilliant and abundant fulfilment. There’s a Divine patience in Trust, because it crosses boundaries of space and time. There’s no need to rush the things we desire, because with Trust they’re delivered Continue reading Trust: The Return to Innocence

Deserving vs Entitlement

Today’s insight is about deserving and entitlement. What is the difference? Deserving comes from a sense of total acceptance and allowance of the abundance that exists at all times. Entitlement comes from a sense of lack or constriction. While on the surface one can feel like the other, they manifest in different ways. Deserving feels like we can ask for and expect what we want and need to show up, always, in the exact right time. It feels like patience, trust and knowing. Entitlement is more of a chasing, grasping energy, where we might go into others’ energy and take what we want because we feel a lack of it in our own experience. It feels like impatience, frustration and insecurity. We have become accustomed, Continue reading Deserving vs Entitlement