2019 Annual Intuitive Tarot

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019! Here is your annual reading for the year ahead. It looks like a good one – a bit lighter energetically, and a time to clarify your focus. This involves releasing habits/remnants of old patterns and solidifying your connection to YOU and Spirit. Look for roots in childhood without attaching to the trauma/inception. Stay grounded, consistently aligning with your passions and trusting your connection to spirit. Keep clarifying this connection by ‘un-muddying’ your chakras. I can’t find a word that quite gets the sense of the energy I’m feeling. Cleansing, bathing, rinsing away… resulting in streamlining your focus. It’s gentle, not a severing of the past, more of a deep understanding that a better option lies elsewhere. In this reading, Continue reading 2019 Annual Intuitive Tarot

Clarity on Resistance

I’m having more clarity on the concept of resistance. Resistance can be a kind of passive thing, as well as active. What that means is that you may not be aware of resistance because it is on the other side of where you’re focussing. So, if you’re worried about something (not being able to pay a bill, or the way someone is behaving), the resistance is to the solution. The focus is the cause of the resistance, in a way. It’s as if the resistance is hidden from you because in your focus, you may think you’re not resisting the situation. Be aware in your focus whether your intention is to prevent something from happening (resistance) or whether you seek understanding. Understanding will always lead Continue reading Clarity on Resistance

Abundance is your Birthright

Abundance has become a catchphrase in certain circles; creating it, accessing it, increasing it… What exactly is it, and how do you tap into it? Abundance is not just about monetary wealth, it is acknowledgement of a state of fruitfulness in all areas of your life. It can be increased by drawing attention to the already existing abundance in your current experience. There is always abundance; it is a matter of focus. Think about a mountain of (perhaps unwanted) debt. That is an abundance of debt. It may not be what you’d like to see as abundance, but unless you can see all aspects of it, you won’t be able to draw on that energy to increase the stuff you do want more of. So, Continue reading Abundance is your Birthright