Heeding the Call

We are all called, in different ways, towards what our souls most need to grow. Sometimes it’s a calling that takes us on a path towards our own destruction, only to be born again like the phoenix from the ashes. If it doesn’t destroy us in the pursuit of it, it may well destroy us through its denial. We know, though, when it absolutely cannot be ignored. It’s as if everything else falls away into a fog of insignificance, things we used to enjoy become like fading memories. The call gets louder, stronger and wilder. It latches onto our anger and our grief and rides them like wild ponies. ‘Hear me!’ it cries in the night when sleep eludes us. ‘Heed me!’ it screams when Continue reading Heeding the Call

The Warrior Awakes

I re-read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho earlier this week, and it was Divine Timing. As I prepare to head off on my pilgrimage, the messages in the book spoke directly to my Soul. Here are a couple of insights which felt really pertinent right now: Firstly, I think we’re all hearing again the call that started us on this journey in the first place. With everything that’s been happening the past couple of years, it has been hard at times to remember that we CHOSE to heed a call. And now, even if we’ve been hanging out in the oasis for a while, it’s time to head to The Pyramids on our own, where we find out where the treasure lies. (Right back where Continue reading The Warrior Awakes