Light and Dark (a Solstice message)

The beautiful Solstice energy lasts for a few days and feels like a portal for ever-increasing light energy. Yesterday, when I asked if there was a message for me to share, I heard, ‘just bask in it.’ Last night, despite feeling physically tired, I was unable to sleep. I realised it was connected to the Solstice, and took the opportunity to welcome in the light. I lay in bed, saying aloud, ‘I welcome the light, I welcome the light,’ and my body started to buzz with the intensity of it. It was almost frightening, akin to the first stirrings of a massive change. This morning I got to thinking about the idea of light and darkness as a long-held collective storyline. Christianity, for one, has Continue reading Light and Dark (a Solstice message)

Toxins and Integration

Happy Thursday!! I hope 2016 is starting out beautifully for you. I had some more clarity on the idea of toxins and integration last night. The ‘gap’ between your knowing and beliefs also applies to how you view your past actions/beliefs/choices, etc. If you are denying or disavowing pieces of your past, you have created toxins out of them. This [physical] integration that’s underway is bringing it all in to the physical realm, so our bodies may be expressing the discordance in uncomfortable ways. Any symptoms, issues, pains, etc that come up may be related to the unintegrated aspects of your humanity. Here’s a specific example: as people shift into their multi-dimensional/spiritual selves, sometimes they want to portray a wallpaper vision of that self as Continue reading Toxins and Integration