Light and Dark (a Solstice message)

The beautiful Solstice energy lasts for a few days and feels like a portal for ever-increasing light energy. Yesterday, when I asked if there was a message for me to share, I heard, ‘just bask in it.’ Last night, despite feeling physically tired, I was unable to sleep. I realised it was connected to the Solstice, and took the opportunity to welcome in the light. I lay in bed, saying aloud, ‘I welcome the light, I welcome the light,’ and my body started to buzz with the intensity of it. It was almost frightening, akin to the first stirrings of a massive change. This morning I got to thinking about the idea of light and darkness as a long-held collective storyline. Christianity, for one, has Continue reading Light and Dark (a Solstice message)

Are you Taking your Light for Granted?

Here’s something that came to me this morning, which feels significant right now as we continue to navigate some retrograde energies. It was given to me as a question: ‘Are you taking your light for granted?’ Here’s how the answer arrived: when I was in Portugal in 2013, I was given the understanding that I am an ‘anchor.’ I didn’t at the time know what it meant, exactly, but I knew it as clearly as I know I am alive. Life took a different turn later that year and I left behind a life that had become familiar, to begin a whole new adventure. With the clarity I have now, I can see that while on one level I thought housesitting was a safe option Continue reading Are you Taking your Light for Granted?

There is Never NOT Love

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About a year ago, I had a transcendent experience while cleaning a bathtub. The result of it was a post called The Many Facets of Love. This past year has been a testament to the truth of the words ‘Everything is Love’, as I’ve explored more deeply this human experience and what those words really mean. In every experience, every moment, there is Love. No matter how horrific or unlovely it may feel at the time, the inception of everything is Love – that Divine, bottomless well from which we all come. I hold to that truth even more today than I did when I first had my bathtub experience. Lately, I’ve been watching a series called Breaking Bad, which was recommended by a close Continue reading There is Never NOT Love