Honour your Process

Here’s a story about how my week went 🙂 There are a lot of changes happening, and lots of expansion. This is for me personally and as a collective. There’s also a big and beautiful Full Moon coming up this weekend, which is usually an extra-sensitive time for sensitive folks. All week I felt a little unsettled. It wasn’t really clear what was going on but there needed to be a shift. I used to resist this stuff, but that got me nowhere, so I let it lead me to what I needed. Wednesday afternoon, I knew I really needed to release something, so I looked through the available films here and it felt like War Horse was the one. As soon as the opening Continue reading Honour your Process

A Different Presence

This morning while out on my morning walk with the dogs, I felt a new emerging presence. I don’t mean the presence of something external, I mean presence as in total embodiment. It feels connected to yesterday’s Taurus New Moon and all the retrograde activity that’s been going on. As if we have cleared a crap-load of old stories to make way for this emergence into our most expansive selves. This is also a One year in that brand new nine-year cycle, so we have been sweeping away the tendrils of the old cycle and are being offered a fresh start. Think about what in your life may have ended recently, or what has been gently removed from your awareness. In what ways do you Continue reading A Different Presence

The Big Picture

Okay, it’s getting clearer and clearer all the time… sometimes the big picture is SO much bigger than we could have imagined that we think we’ve lost sight of it somewhere along the way. In fact, when you get glimpses of it, like you may be having now, everything begins to make sense. All the time you thought you’d taken a left turn instead of a right, or a step backwards instead of forwards, it turns out the dance looks awesome from the big picture view. I didn’t understand where this work on the empath-narcissist dynamic was taking me, and I questioned whether I was way off course, but now I’m seeing it is all part of where I started, which is catharsis. It’s about Continue reading The Big Picture

The Beauty of Presence

What does it mean to ‘be present’ and ‘live in the now’? Let’s break it down. The past is made up of a series of moments in history that no longer exist as they were. The future is a catalogue of delicious potentials that haven’t yet been given form. In other words, the only moment that actually exists right now, is now. Once a moment has passed, it becomes the past, and the further from it you go, the more changes take place. If you hold onto that moment as the truth of what was and carry it forward as what is, you’re not being present to what’s currently taking place. Neither are you honouring all that’s changed since that moment, including you. Let’s say Continue reading The Beauty of Presence

When I Forget I am Magic

When I forget I am a creature of magic forged in the diamond fires of stardust and sunshine… I feel confused and only partially alive. When I forget that I can create moments of exquisite beauty in the blink of an eye… I get distracted by the noise of striving, pushing and competing, and I feel frustrated. When I forget I can hear the gentle whispers of the trees, the wisdom of the whales and dolphins, and the loving messages of the Earth… I feel lonely and unsettled. When I forget that my inner child is the most joyful, magical being I’ve ever met, and I forget to listen to her voice… I feel despondent and disconnected. When I forget I am magic… I don’t Continue reading When I Forget I am Magic