Let your Heart Light Shine

Happy Monday and Happy August, everyone! This is my favourite month of the year. I get to celebrate my birthday this month! YAY! Short and sweet message from the trees today: Let your Heart Light shine! You already know what to do: BE. Your blossoming is yours alone, to undertake in the way and the time that suits you. There is no ego in becoming, it is a process of allowing and surrender. Others will celebrate your blossoming as it adds to their lives in beautiful ways. Don’t rush the process, either yours or someone else’s. Every experience contributes to the magic of the journey. Big Love, ~ Jenny

Falling in Love with Life

We’re heading into a weekend that ends one month and ushers in a brand new one. There is a whole lot of change happening at so many levels, and if you’re feeling exhausted, emotional or overwhelmed, do whatever you need to stay grounded and be compassionate with yourself. Take the time to rest, and if possible, don’t ‘push through’ whatever you’re feeling, but just let it flow. There is a concurrent thread of falling in love all over again, and of aspects of ourselves waking up that haven’t been heard from in some time. It feels like the final days/weeks of chrysalis mode, when the exhaustion of becoming the new is felt side by side with the knowledge of what is to come. I have Continue reading Falling in Love with Life

Putting Down Roots

I’m feeling very strongly the need to be grounded and rooted right now. There’s a lot of chaos in the collective and it can be unsettling. I found another tree circle yesterday and this one was made up of five trees growing out of a single root structure. I climbed up into the middle and sat on a branch to feel into the energy and asked about putting down roots. The message was beautiful, and clear. It is VITAL to put down roots, because it connects you to the Love of Mother Earth. Wherever you are, no matter how temporary it may seem, put down roots. It is an important aspect of claiming your space and of creativity. Putting down roots engenders a safe place Continue reading Putting Down Roots

Leadership as a Fluid Construct

I’ve been spending lots of time with trees lately, and have discovered a beautiful tree circle in the nearby forest that has offered me many insights. Today, as I was leaving the beauty of the inner circle, the trees encouraged me to join the circle, not inside (as a kind of student), but outside, as part of the ring. I immediately felt tons of energy shooting up my legs and a peaceful sense of community. The main message today was about that feeling of community, and the idea of leadership that we have in this dimension. Leadership is not meant to be a permanent ‘state of being,’ but a fluid, inclusive, collaborative experience that allows for each being involved to express their strengths as an Continue reading Leadership as a Fluid Construct