Revisiting the Law of Attraction

While I was out in the forest the other day, I asked the Earth what she had to say about our monetary system and the idea of manifesting. The answer I got was: we have it all backwards This dimension is a mirror of the higher realms, in more ways than one. It actually distorts and reverses some of the universal laws which we hold to be the truth. As we feel the shifting of the structures here more clearly, we can begin to find new understandings of old truths. So, to return to the Law of Attraction: what if our 3rd dimensional understanding of it were backwards? So, instead of our desires creating our reality, the truth of the existence of what is creates Continue reading Revisiting the Law of Attraction

Abundance and the Comparison Trap

There’s been a lot of focus on the abundance front lately, and it seems that many people share a resistance: ‘if I have a lot (of anything), I’ll be taking someone else’s share.’ This engenders all kinds of reactions, feelings ranging from guilt to righteous indignation. It’s become clear lately that this is all a part of the old structure distortions connected to competition and comparison. There is no room for competition in unity consciousness – if all are One, then there’s nothing to compete against. It’s deeply entrenched in our collective psyche to see comparisons wherever we look. Any time we feel intimidated by someone’s __intelligence, beauty, power, etc___ we are buying into the idea that ithere’s a limited resource. We’re basing our value Continue reading Abundance and the Comparison Trap

Money and Spirituality

My latest post, ‘Money and Spirituality in the New Paradigm’ has had some good response. It can be found in this week’s OM Times magazine on page 42. For those who prefer to read it online, the direct link is here: Money and Spirituality in the New Paradigm. It was also translated into Romanian and featured on Astrocafe.This is my first piece of work that has been translated, which is very exciting for me! Big Love, ~ Jenny <3