The Big Picture

Okay, it’s getting clearer and clearer all the time… sometimes the big picture is SO much bigger than we could have imagined that we think we’ve lost sight of it somewhere along the way. In fact, when you get glimpses of it, like you may be having now, everything begins to make sense. All the time you thought you’d taken a left turn instead of a right, or a step backwards instead of forwards, it turns out the dance looks awesome from the big picture view. I didn’t understand where this work on the empath-narcissist dynamic was taking me, and I questioned whether I was way off course, but now I’m seeing it is all part of where I started, which is catharsis. It’s about Continue reading The Big Picture

Ascension is not Linear

I’m being reminded that the process of ascension/integration is not linear, and we cannot predict the direction it will take. If your soul has committed to the process, trust the flow. (And if you’re alive, it has). It may be that as you reached another point of integration, old patterns were thrown up you thought you’d already dealt with, and it felt like they derailed the whole thing. In truth, your higher self is facilitating a clearing away of whatever is impeding your capacity to step fully into this particular newness. It has been my firm assertion from the beginning that the way to unity and Oneness is THROUGH duality, not away from it, and this speaks directly to that. It can sometimes feel like Continue reading Ascension is not Linear