One Day in March

I remember that day I chose to take Grief as my lover. It was not a long courtship, rife with dinner dates and romantic getaways. There were no whispered sweet nothings. There was only a headlong dive into Grief’s outstretched arms and total annihilation of my carefully constructed inner walls. Continue reading One Day in March

An Exploration of Passion

Happy March! I’m back to making videos after a two-week hiatus to rest and recover some energy. I’ve been enjoying dog walks and wintry weather. I had a conversation the other day about passion, and had a realisation that I wanted to capture. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Fighting as an Act of Love

At some point in our collective space-time continuum, the rift between balanced masculine and feminine energies distorted the fine art of fighting. It’s time to reclaim the aspect of fighting for what we believe in, from a state of pure love and self-respect. I’ll give you an example. The other day, I decided to do a past-life regression using an online meditation. It took me to two separate lifetimes, with very different feelings and outcomes. In the first life, I was a dirty, tired young girl (12 or so), a beggar on the streets of a large city. I had been recently abandoned by someone, a partner or friend, and turned to prostitution as a way to support myself. I could feel the constriction of survival Continue reading Fighting as an Act of Love