Allow the Flow of Change

Yup, change can be challenging. It may be inevitable, it might happen every day; that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. Nine times out of ten it’s not entirely unexpected. Something will come up to indicate change is on the horizon. Sometimes challenges are presented as old wounds or fears getting triggered. Sometimes you begin to feel resistance to activities, people or situations that used to light you up. Are you aware of the signs? If so, how good are you at instigating the actions needed to move towards change? If not, have you developed habits designed to resist change, which now stand between you and the life you desire? It takes conscious, mindful attention to work with the flows of energy moving through your life on Continue reading Allow the Flow of Change

The Power in Falling Apart

I am thrilled to share this interview with Angela Levesque at Health and Healing Radio. The description from the show’s page is as follows: ‘This show is where science and spirituality merge. As a society today, we are suffering more than ever from diseases of lifestyle, it is time to ask ourselves why? To look beyond just the physical and understand how our mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects interact to create health and healing. We will discuss the science and research being done in fields such as Mind/Body Medicine, Energy Medicine and other integrative disciplines. As well as explore facets of healing from all perspectives in complementary and alternative medicine.’ I invite you to listen to our interview. We discuss catharsis and the power Continue reading The Power in Falling Apart

The Root of Terrorism

Is it possible to make peace with an ideology designed to strike fear into our very hearts and souls? Is there a way to come to an understanding of the perpetrators as reflections of a part of ourselves, acting from a deep pain and the need to be heard in the world? As we’ve seen in numerous terrorist events from all over the world in recent (and not-so-recent) history, often a different story emerges than the one that may have been intended. Instead of hiding in fear, girding ourselves against the bogeyman on the corner, or refusing to leave our homes, in the aftermath of some of these devastating acts we’ve seen communities becoming more cohesive as a result, people reaching out across borders and Continue reading The Root of Terrorism

Creating from the Void

Over the past few years, I’ve often heard the expression ‘creating from the void.’ While I thought I understood the gist of it, it turns out I was actually looking at it backwards. As so often happens for me, understanding struck as I was out walking in nature. There I was, crossing a large, empty field, when I suddenly had a clear vision of a spiral, and following that spiral inwards, I found the void. What was there? Not nothing, as I had always believed the void to contain, but everything. More precisely, the possibility of everything that could be. Wow. ‘How huge was that?’ I asked myself. I’d been thinking the void was this place where nothing really existed, and the act of creation Continue reading Creating from the Void