Absolute Presence

There is no resistance in absolute presence. There can’t be, because it’s new in each moment. Resistance is a build up from past experience – like a memory or echo of a situation that has gone before, and left an imprint. By holding someone or something in a past state, the ability to respond to what actually IS, is impeded. It can result in stagnation and looping – as if the past is still active in the present. Presence is a moment by moment process. It allows for new truths to be built around currently existing facts and circumstances, without the echoes of the past creating resistance to the infinite potential in each new moment. Of course it’s tied in to letting go (one of Continue reading Absolute Presence

The Gift of Hope

Something’s coming up around hope today. There are some who talk about hope as a pointless thing, that it in some way robs from your future, and this is a message around that. Sometimes hope is ALL we can see. Many beautiful dreams and movements of change have grown from the seeds of hope. Hope is an impetus for transformation. Think of the refugees currently flooding out of Syria and other war-torn areas. Without hope that something better exists for themselves and their families, where would they be? Hope is the antidote to despair. The word/meaning has been distorted in some circles to mean ‘pipe dreams,’ and this is where it becomes muddied. Hope in its purest form is a divine spark of inspiration, a Continue reading The Gift of Hope