I Will Not Bend

My latest post over on Rebelle Society is called, I Will not Bend. I felt a sense of divine rage flowing through me and this one just ‘popped’ out. The Divine Feminine is making waves. Big Love, ~ Jenny  

The Rising Rage

The past couple of days I’ve noticed a rising sense of rage, connected to the feminine energy. It feels like a conscious reconnection to aspects of that power that have been held back for ages (millennia – ?). It is not necessarily easy, because it’s full-on, and powered by ancient knowledge that has been on some level forgotten. I feel her screaming out I WILL NOT BEND, and she kept me up last night with a longer message that will be a blog post. It is TIME now, to allow her to come forth in anger, to call for a righting of the distortions that support or perpetuate structures built around the wounded ego. It is time to allow her her FULL voice, no matter Continue reading The Rising Rage

Forget Diamonds; Feelings are a Girl’s Best Friend

Actually, they’re a human’s best friend, but the song says girl, so I went with it. As a collective, we’re returning to the knowledge of the Divine Feminine at its full strength, so get ready to feel, like you’ve never felt before. No more of this surface-level bullshit or striving for the happy, clappy stuff that bypasses the truth of your power. Your power lies in the capacity to tap into the heart and soul of everything in existence, and that connection is through your Source-given ability to feel. If you’re not willing to feel certain emotions, labelling them as ‘negative’ or ‘uncomfortable,’ you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice. You’re also denying yourself the opportunity to feel the truth of Love at a Continue reading Forget Diamonds; Feelings are a Girl’s Best Friend